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Francis "Googy" Gress Jr. (born 11 August 1958; age 60) is an actor who played "The Overlooker on Star Trek: Voyager, playing " in the Star Trek: Voyager sixth season episode "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy".

He was also a regular on another UPN television series, G vs. E, along with Star Trek: The Next Generation guest Clayton Rohner. The series lasted one season, from 1999 through 2000; among the writers for this show was Ronald D. Moore. Among the Star Trek performers who made guest appearances on this series were Star Trek: The Original Series actress Nichelle Nichols and Star Trek: Enterprise regulars Jolene Blalock, John Billingsley and Dominic Keating.

Prior to this, Gress was a voice actor on the animated series Freakazoid!, along with Ricardo Montalban, David Warner, and Frank Welker.

He also has a number of films to his credit. In 1989, he appeared in Bloodhounds of Broadway with VOY star Ethan Phillips and Trek guest actors Stephen McHattie, David Youse, Alan Ruck, Herschel Sparber, and George Ede. In 1995, he appeared in Apollo 13, along with another Hierarchy alien actor, Andy Milder. Other Star Trek performers who appeared in this film include Clint Howard, Brian Markinson, Brett Cullen. Joseph Culp, David Andrews, Ned Vaughn, Geoffrey Blake, John Short, Steve Rankin, John Wheeler, Bruce Wright, and recurring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor Max Grodénchik.

Gress and Andy Milder appeared on-screen together again in the 1998 blockbuster Armageddon, along with J. Patrick McCormack, Peter White, Matt Malloy, Brian Brophy, James Harper, Jim Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Tierney, Charles Stewart and Jeff Austin.

In 2002, Gress along with Larry Cedar did voice work for a 2 part episode of the cartoon The Zeta Project along with Diedrich Bader (who voiced the title character Zeta) and Kurtwood Smith.

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