Gosis' species were a humanoid species who inhabited a pre-warp planet in the 22nd century. First Starfleet contact was made by Enterprise NX-01 officers: namely, Captain Jonathan Archer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, and Ensign Hoshi Sato, in 2152. (ENT: "The Communicator")

Physiology Edit

This species' physiology was particularly different from that of Humans. The differences were deeper than just outward facial ridges and spots. Each member of Gosis' species had only one kidney, rather than two, and had four more thoracic vertebrae than a typical Human had. Members of Gosis' species were also absent a mass which they had difficulty accounting for in a Human body. Gosis' species had blood that was neither red nor contained iron. Moreover, iron was a toxic element to their species.

In the final draft script of "The Communicator", this species was described as having "light but exotic alien facial prosthetics." The script also specified that the unexplained "mass" was intended to be the thymus.

History Edit

Gosis species military badge

A military badge worn by members of Gosis' species

By the 2150s, their race was divided into at least two "major" political nation states, one of which was called "the Alliance." In 2152, Gosis' faction believed – based on propaganda – that war with the Alliance was inevitable. The war would have been based, in part, upon "ancestral claims" by the Alliance on Gosis' faction's capital city. That same year, Temec, a doctor, compared a scan of Human physiology to their own, discovering the anatomical differences between the two species.

Legal system Edit

Reed and Archer, death penalty

Reed and Archer about to hang

Little was known of their legal system, except that Gosis' faction practiced the death penalty. Their preferred method of implementing the sentence was hanging.

The government of at least the area inhabited by General Gosis appeared to be in civilian hands, as evidenced by the attendance of the Enterprise away team at a political rally held by a "Chancellor Kultarey". However, the influence, on their society, of the military was strong.

Technology Edit

Gosis' species jets

A jet controlled by General Gosis

In the 2150s, the technological level of the planet seemed to be on a rough par with mid and/or late 20th century Earth, although they hadn't yet "split the atom". They possessed reliable artificial illumination, a knowledge of computers, familiarity with telecommunication, methods of observing internal organs, ways to photograph objects in planetary orbit, automatic projectile weapons, automobiles, trains, and jet aircraft.

Religion Edit

As of the 22nd century, the species practiced (or, at one time in their past, did practice) a well-developed religion, centered in elaborate temples.

Architecture Edit

Gosis' species city scan

"Over 100,000" people lived in the indicated section on Hoshi Sato's monitor

Reed and Sato were impressed with the aesthetics of the architecture of the city they visited. Orbital scans of the city, which were taken by Enterprise, revealed a dense developmental pattern. Functionally, the architecture was of sufficient design to accommodate a high population density.

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