Pre warp society planet

A planet, home to Gosis' species

Military facility on Gosis' species homeworld

A military facility

Gosis' species city scan

Hoshi Sato finds that over 100,000 natives live in this one section of the disputed city

The Gosis' species homeworld was the inhabited planet in a star system for a species of humanoids which was a pre-warp civilization in the 22nd century.

In the 2150s, there was international tension on this planet when Enterprise NX-01 visited its system. One side had a government headed by Chancellor Kultarey, and a military headed by General Gosis. Their Eastern Perimeter included a large city upon which the other side, the Alliance, had ancestral claims. At a rally 30 km away, Kultarey made a speech which led Malcolm Reed to feel that war was brewing, and even reminded him of the pre-Second World War oratory of Winston Churchill.

According to Doctor Temec, a native of this world, none of the other planets in the system supported life.

In 2152 Enterprise NX-01 visited the planet. Captain Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed later were briefly held prisoner here after the authorities discovered a lost communicator and mistook them for enemy infiltrators.

The beverage Allakas malt originates from this planet. (ENT: "The Communicator")

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 310) classified Gosis' species homeworld as a class M planet.
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