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Grainger Hines (born 18 August 1948; age 71) is the actor who played Gosheven in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "The Ensigns of Command". Hines received no credit for this appearance. After filming was completed, it was decided that his voice didn't have the presence they wanted in the episode – he sounded too much like John Wayne – so they dubbed in the voice of another actor. Because of this, Hines asked that his name not be credited. [1]

Hines was born in South Carolina, and made a number of television guest appearances in the 1980s in shows such as Matlock, Airwolf and CHiPs (featuring Robert Pine, and with Michael Dorn in a recurring role). He also had a number of roles in television movies and mini-series.

He wrote, directed and starred in the independent movie The Outsider in 1994, and continues to work today. One, more recent, piece of work was in Yellow Bird (2001, with Amy Wheaton). He was married for a time to fellow Trek guest star Michelle Phillips.

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