Gral was a male Ferengi who worked as a businessman during the late-24th century.


In 2369, he traveled to Deep Space 9 to hear Grand Nagus Zek announce his successor. After Zek announced that he had chosen Quark, Gral commented that Quark was a "lobeless amateur".

Later, Gral offered his services as a bodyguard to Quark in return for the most lucrative business opportunities in the Gamma Quadrant. Although Gral called Quark his new best friend, the Grand Nagus realized that the offer of friendship was insincere and that Gral was actually threatening his life. (DS9: "The Nagus")

Memorable quotes

"What's the delay?"
"We await the Grand Nagus."
"Well, he'd better show his ears soon or I'm leaving."

- Gral and Krax

"No, my mind's made up. I've already chosen my successor. A leader whose vision, imagination, and avarice will oversee Ferengi ventures in the Gamma Quadrant. The new Grand Nagus. Quark!"
"He's a lobeless amateur!"

- Zek and Gral

"Grand Nagus Quark."
"I love the sound of that."
"I'm afraid we were never formally introduced. I am Gral, your new best friend."

- Gral and Quark


Background information

Gral's costume was later sold off for US$665.00

Gral was played by recurring Star Trek guest actor Lee Arenberg, who coincidentally went on to play a Tellarite character of the same name.

The script for "The Nagus" gives the pronunciation of Gral's name as "GRAAL" and describes the character as simply, "a belligerent Ferengi". [1]

Arenberg would arrive on-set for makeup from around 4am with the whole process taking three and a half hours for the Ferengi makeup to be applied. [2] [3]

The patterned red, brown and black costume worn by Arenberg as Gral was later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction for US$665.00. [4]


Gral is mentioned in the Pocket DS9 novel The Big Game, in which he attempts to cheat at a game while on the planet Risa by using a receiver inserted into his lobes. However, as Krax attempts to guide him through the game, a nearby Human overhears the transmission which had been implanted incorrectly, thus foiling Gral's plan.

Gral's card in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game describes him as an "aggressive Ferengi opportunist".

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