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"I believe we have more to discuss than trade disputes."
– Gral, 2154 ("United")

Ambassador Gral was a high-ranking Tellarite official who lived during the early 22nd century.

During his race's conflicts with the Andorians he had participated in military action against them aimed at, "driving those blue demons back into their territory" from aboard the command deck of a Tellarite cruiser.

In November of 2154, he was the head of a delegation to the planetoid Babel to settle a trade dispute with the Andorian Empire, under the auspices of the neutral United Earth. Since Babel was on the far side of Andorian space from Tellar Prime, Gral, his aid Naarg, and his delegation were transported by Enterprise NX-01. Gral was full of nothing but complaints during the voyage. For instance, he didn't want the Tellarite dishes Enterprise's Chef prepared, but rather wanted to sample Earth delicacies; this was, however, an anticipated reflection of Tellar's argumentative culture.

His temperament worsened when Enterprise was diverted to rescue the survivors of an attack on the Andorian Imperial Guard warship Kumari. Gral was indignant that the Andorians were to be on the same ship as him, especially when Kumari commander Thy'lek Shran revealed that the Kumari had been destroyed by a Tellarite cruiser. Gral denied all knowledge of the attack, leading Shran to try to coerce the information out of him. Fortunately for Gral, Enterprise security forces were able to intervene and separate the squabbling parties. (ENT: "Babel One")

Gral was instrumental in Captain Jonathan Archer's attempt to build a four-way alliance between United Earth, the Andorian Empire, Tellar, and Vulcan to hunt a Romulan drone ship; it was he who represented his people in the effort and provided the necessary communications codes to make the operation a success. Afterward, Gral and Shran participated in a discussion to take the place of the canceled conference on Babel. (ENT: "United")

Gral and his staff subsequently returned to Tellar on a transport ship. (ENT: "The Aenar")

Gral was played by Lee Arenberg, who had previously played a Ferengi named Gral in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Nagus".
In the novel Last Full Measure, Gral is the Tellarite representative that signs the Federation Charter in 2161. His full name is given as Gora bim Gral in the novel The Good That Men Do.
His mirror universe counterpart (β) appeared in the novella "Age of the Empress". He was depicted as a leading figure in the rebellion against the Terran Empire, holding the rank of general in 2155. He was at one point considered the most wanted enemy of the Empire, dubbed the "Butcher of Berengaria" in Imperial propaganda.

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