"I'm proud of my craft, captain. I've practiced it for many years. I won't let my work be corrupted in this way. Seven million people. If I'd chosen my clients more carefully, that tragedy might not have happened."
– Gralik Durr to Jonathan Archer, 2153 ("The Shipment")

Gralik Durr was a Xindi-Arboreal who lived at an Arboreal colony. He worked at a kemocite production facility, and had been its primary technician since 2111. The colony provided kemocite for a variety of clients.

Gralik took great pride in his work, often insisting on checking and rechecking that the kemocite was pure enough for whoever had ordered it. He refused to let his work be corrupted, however, by selling kemocite to weapons manufacturers.

Gralik was fond of taking long walks in the wilderness outside the colony; he sometimes hunted tree scarabs.

In October 2153, Gralik was informed by Captain Jonathan Archer, who, along with his landing party had invaded Gralik's home, that his facility was providing kemocite for the manufacture of a weapon. Upon questioning, Gralik admitted that Degra had requested shipments of extremely pure kemocite. Gralik had assumed such pure kemocite was for research purposes. Gralik admitted that he and his colleagues celebrated the wealth that Degra's request for kemocite would bring to their colony and as such did not investigate Degra's request more closely. Disgusted that his materials had also been used to kill seven million people, Gralik agreed to help Captain Archer and sabotaged the final kemocite shipment to Degra, making it very impure. Before Captain Archer departed, Gralik encouraged the Captain to keep searching for the weapon and the two shared a drink to "trust." (ENT: "The Shipment")

In Archer's attempt to trick Degra into revealing the location of the weapon, it was claimed Gralik was executed for his sabotage. (ENT: "Stratagem")

Gralik Durr was played by John Cothran, Jr.. He was the only Xindi to have a given name and a surname.
In the final draft script of "The Shipment", Gralik Durr was described as "an older, somewhat gruff man". The same script later commented, "As we'll see, Gralik is a proud man... not one who's easily intimidated [....] Despite his age, Gralik is remarkably at home [outside, on the Arboreal colony], moving easily at a brisk clip."
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