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Grant Woods (13 March 193231 October 1968; age 36) was an actor who played Kelowitz in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episodes "The Galileo Seven", "Arena", and "This Side of Paradise".

Woods filmed his scene for "The Galileo Seven" on Monday 26 September 1966 at Desilu Stage 9. He filmed his scenes for "Arena" on Friday 11 November 1966 at the fortress set near Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park and Tuesday 15 November 1966 at Stage 9.


Woods was born Earl Grant Titsworth in Vim, Colorado. Following a tour of duty in the US Navy, Woods went to Hollywood, where he worked as a stuntman, occasionally under the name Grant Lockwood.

Using the name "Grant Lockwood", Woods not only performed stunts but also acted on television programs such as Ben Casey, Combat!, and Ripcord (a series that starred Paul Comi). By 1965, he had begun using the name "Grant Woods", and continued making guest appearances on such TV shows as Batman, The Virginian (in an episode with Barbara Anderson), and The Green Hornet. His only film appearance came in the 1966 spy comedy The Silencers, which also featured fellow Original Series alumni Roger C. Carmel, James Gregory, and Nancy Kovack.

The only series on which Woods had a regular role was the short-lived ABC Western Custer, which detailed the exploits of George Armstrong Custer and his regiment following the American Civil War. Woods played the role of Captain Miles Keogh on the series, which lasted only sixteen episodes during the fall of 1967. However, the pilot episode was expanded to feature length and released in theaters the following year as The Legend of Custer.

Woods lost his life in a motorcycle accident on October 31, 1968, in which his girlfriend lost the ability to speak. (The Ultimate Directory Of Silent and Sound Performers: A Necrology Of Actors and Actresses [page number?edit] by Billy H. Doyl)

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