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[[Image:GrathonTolar.jpg|thumb|Grathon Tolar]]
[[Image:GrathonTolar.jpg|thumb|Grathon Tolar]]
'''Grathon Tolar''' was a skilled [[holographic]] forgery artist, con-man, and general degenerate in the temporary employ of [[Starfleet]] for the ultimate purposes of bringing the [[Romulan Star Empire]] into the [[Dominion War]] on the side of the [[Federation]].
'''Grathon Tolar's species''' were a blue-skinned [[humanoid]] [[species]] to which [[Grathon Tolar]] belonged. Members of this species had a fin-like structure running along the top of the head. ({{DS9|In the Pale Moonlight}})
In [[2374]], Grathon Tolar was serving in a [[Klingon]] prison, awaiting execution for unspecified crimes. It was at this time when [[Benjamin Sisko|Captain Sisko]], acting under the guidance of [[Elim Garak]] and with the support of Starfleet, arranged for his release from a sentence of death into his custody. Grathon's utility to Captain Sisko was that of his renowned skill in holographic forgery which Sisko wished to put into use to create a faux recording of a high-level [[Dominion]] meeting in which the supposed plan for the invasion of [[Romulus]] was discussed.
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However, before Grathon could complete the recording for Sisko and Garak, he was involved in an altercation in [[Quark's]] with the [[Quark|proprietor]] and [[M'Pella]], one of [[Quark]]'s [[Dabo girls]]. Consequently, this brought the attention of [[space station|station]] [[security]] as well as the potential for reports and documentation revealing Grathon's unlawful presence on [[Deep Space 9]]. Ultimately, Quark did not press charges against Grathon, but only after receiving a substantial bribe from Captain Sisko for compensation.
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Subsequently restricted to his [[quarters]], Grathon finished the ersatz recording and proffered it to Sisko and Garak soon afterwards. After being tentatively accepted by Captain Sisko, Grathon was rebuffed when attempting to excuse himself -- his freedom was not his own until his recording had been accepted by the [[Romulan]] officials it needed to fool.
After [[Vreenak|Senator Vreenak]] rejected the recording as a fake and left to return to Romulus, Grathon Tolar was not seen again. Having never received his leave by Garak, he was presumed to have been murdered and disposed of soon thereafter. ({{DS9|In the Pale Moonlight}})
{{bginfo|Grathon Tolar was played by actor [[Howard Shangraw]].}}
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Grathon Tolar's species were a blue-skinned humanoid species to which Grathon Tolar belonged. Members of this species had a fin-like structure running along the top of the head. (DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight")

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