For the Arizona city, please see Tombstone.

A gravestone or tombstone is a stone which is placed on the grave of a deceased person on a cemetery.

Several gravestones were placed on the cemetery at the Caldos colony on Caldos. (TNG: "Sub Rosa")

In 2374, after Nog defended his support for Tim Watters by claiming authority as chief engineer aboard the USS Valiant, Jake Sisko quipped that that rank could be put on his gravestone. (DS9: "Valiant")

As evidenced by the original scripted ending of ENT: "Home", Henry Archer's gravestone was to have appeared in that episode, with his son Jonathan placing numerous palm-sized rocks, souvenirs from Enterprise's journey, at the head of the gravestone. The rocks were from the Akaali homeworld, Rigel X, Risa, and Kronos. The scene would have ended with the camera pulling back to reveal "dozens of gravestones and grave markers."

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