A gravitic mine was a type of mine used during the late 23rd century and beyond. These devices were used during the Cardassian war of the mid-24th century. Consisting of explosive charges, they are left at a fixed point in space and detonate when a starship nears. Several of the mines were left in place following the war, and were not disarmed. (TNG: "Ethics")

It was not made clear whether the Cardassians or the Federation planted the mines.

In the Kobayashi Maru scenario, the distress call from the Kobayashi Maru stated that it had been disabled by a gravitic mine. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

In 2368, the USS Denver fell victim to a gravitic mine while traveling to the Beloti sector. (TNG: "Ethics")

The Albino buried an anti-personnel gravitic mine at the main threshold of his compound on Secarus IV in 2370, with the intention of detonating it the moment the allies of Kang, who had come there to confront him, entered the compound. (DS9: "Blood Oath")

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