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Greg Cannom is a makeup and special effects artist who worked on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Cannom most notably created the jackal mastiff in the film.

Cannom was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the 1991 film Hook, which he shared with Monty Westmore and Christina Smith. Additionally, he was nominated twice in 1993 for best make-up for Hoffa (shared with Ve Neill and John Blake) and for Dracula (shared with Michele Burke and Matthew W. Mungle). He won the award for the latter one.

In the following years, Cannom received the Oscar for best make-up on Mrs. Doubtfire (1994, shared with Yolanda Toussieng and Ve Neill) and nominations for Roommates (1996, shared with Robert Laden and Colleen Callaghan), Titanic (1998, shared with Tina Earnshaw and Simon Thompson), Bicentennial Man (2000), and A Beautiful Mind (2002, shared with Colleen Callaghan). In 2005 he and Wes Wofford received the Technical Achievement Award for the development of their special modified silicone material for makeup applications used in motion pictures.

In 2009, Cannom won the Academy Award for Best Achievement in Make-up for his work as the age make-up creator and applicator for Brad Pitt's character on the drama The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Cannom's feature film makeup credits also include Bicentennial Man (1999, featuring Stephen Root and working with James MacKinnon, Joel Harlow, Mike Smithson, Keith VanderLaan, and Brad Wilder).

Cannom was interviewed for the 2007 documentary Creature People along with actor Robert Picardo and other Star Trek artists Michael Westmore, Rick Stratton, David Quashnick, Craig Reardon, Kevin Haney, and Rob Burman.

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