Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)

Spacial Grid 005 was the Borg spatial designation for a region of space in the Delta Quadrant notable for containing lots of M-class planets, among its over two-hundred star systems and over nine-hundred planets. USS Voyager attempted traversed this grid in 2374, with varying amounts of success. (VOY: "Year of Hell", "Year of Hell, Part II")

In one timeline, it's primary species were the Zahl. In another, it was dominated by the Krenim Imperium. The latter originated the Krenim weapon ship which manipulated the timeline of the region extensively.

Given that the grid covered a substantial portion of space (the Krenim Imperium at one point spanned 5000 parsecs yet remained within the grid), the other civilizations Voyager encountered or interacted with, like the Garenor, Mawasi, and Nihydron, as well as the Imperium's original rivals the Rilnar, and the other civilizations targeted by Annorax in order to restore the imperium, such as the Malkoth and the Ram Izad, likely also were native to the grid.
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