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For the actor, please see Francis Guinan.
"My name is Guinan. I tend bar, and I listen."
– Guinan, 2368 ("Ensign Ro")

Guinan was an enigmatic bartender who ran Ten Forward, the lounge aboard the USS Enterprise-D. She was well known for her wise counsel, which proved invaluable many times. Guinan was an El-Aurian, a race of "listeners" who were scattered by the Borg. Q, however, once suggested that there was far more to her than could be imagined. (TNG: "Booby Trap", "The Measure Of A Man", "Galaxy's Child", "Q Who", "Deja Q"; Star Trek Generations)

Early life[]

Guinan was born on her homeworld sometime before the late 19th century. In her childhood, she had a Tarcassian razor beast as an imaginary friend. When she was troubled, she'd talk to it. She enjoyed imagining that she was curling up on its warm belly. As she grew older, she found that she talked to it less and less, but the idea of the creature always remained with her. (TNG: "Imaginary Friend")

As a mature adult, Guinan hid from her father on Earth (prior to the planet's first official contact with an alien race), posing as a celebrated and obviously wealthy socialite in San Francisco, calling herself "Madame" Guinan. While there, she entertained such luminaries as Samuel Clemens. (TNG: "Time's Arrow")

19th century[]

Guinan and Data (1893)

Guinan and Data on Earth in 1893

In 1893, Guinan encountered Data, from the 24th century, who claimed they were friends from the Enterprise. Guinan had no knowledge of this and when she expressed her absence of awareness about the situation, it allowed Data to quickly realize that he was dealing with the Guinan of this era rather than from his own time. She learned about his predicament and agreed to help in any way she could in stopping the Devidians and returning Data to the 24th century. She also met Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Geordi La Forge, Deanna Troi, and Dr. Beverly Crusher from Data's time. When Data prevented the Devidians from attacking them, he was decapitated but the rest of his body, along with Samuel Clemens and the Enterprise crew (sans Picard), traveled back to the 24th century. Picard stayed behind to make sure Guinan was all right. When Clemens helped Picard return, he saw to Guinan's wounds. (TNG: "Time's Arrow", "Time's Arrow, Part II")

21st century[]

During the 21st century, Guinan owned a bar at 10 Forward Avenue in 2024 Los Angeles. She planned on leaving Earth, but met up with Picard, whom believed Guinan to be the Watcher. However, she led Picard to said watcher, Supervisor Tallinn. Guinan later helped Picard by contacting Q. However, to her confusion her technique did not immediately bring Q to her and Picard. She and Picard were then arrested by FBI agent Martin Wells. (PIC: "Watcher", "Monsters")

In the FBI's custody, Guinan denied being an alien and called Agent Wells crazy. Guinan was then called to another room while Wells interrogated Picard personally. Guinan was later interrogated by Q, who complained about her summoning him. Guinan thought she sensed Q's fear about himself dying and that Q was unable to vaporize her by snapping his fingers. She demanded to know what his plans with Picard, but Q evaded her questions. She was then left in the room. Guinan was able to project herself into Picard's mind, telling him what Q said about all Humans being stuck in the past. She then joined Picard and the two of them were let go by Wells. Guinan admitted to Wells that she was not from Earth and floated the idea that Wells was meant to encounter non-Humans in order to eventually be there to help Picard. Guinan then wished Picard good luck and hope to meet him more properly. (PIC: "Mercy")

After her encounter with Picard, Guinan became a good friend to Cristóbal Rios, Teresa Ramirez, her son Ricardo, and Renée Picard who frequented her bar every time they were in Los Angeles. (PIC: "Farewell")

22nd century[]

Guinan had "some dealings" with Q sometime during the 22nd century and also other members of the Q Continuum, some of whom she said "were almost respectable." Her relationship with Q was evidently hostile. Centuries later, Q described Guinan as an "imp" and stated, "Where she goes, trouble always follows." Around the 22nd century, Guinan, according to Q, went by another name. (TNG: "Q Who")

23rd century[]

Chekov meets Guinan

Guinan assisted by Pavel Chekov in 2293 after being pulled from the Nexus

Following the destruction of her homeworld by the Borg in the 23rd century, Guinan became a refugee aboard the SS Lakul in 2293. She, along with the rest of her ship, subsequently became caught in the Nexus, an experience she described as "being inside joy." She was rescued, among 46 others, shortly before the destruction of the ship by the USS Enterprise-B and assisted by Pavel Chekov. Along with most of the other El-Aurian refugees, Guinan was traumatized upon being pulled out of the Nexus. In 2371, Captain Picard conferred with the "echo" of Guinan who remained in the timeless Nexus and, with her help, was eventually able to leave the Nexus. (Star Trek Generations)

In the novel Engines of Destiny, a confrontation between an alternate Guinan and the Guardian of Forever reveals that the version of Guinan in the Nexus is the source of her constant "feelings", as this version of herself existed outside all time, and could thus reach out to her other selves and provide valuable insight into possible actions that must be taken, although even she was ignorant of what the definitive outcome would be in the end.

Aboard the USS Enterprise-D[]

Guinan, 2365

Guinan in 2365

Guinan came aboard the Enterprise-D in 2365, at Captain Picard's personal request. Guinan and Picard shared a long-time relationship, which, according to Guinan, went "beyond friendship and beyond family." (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II") At that time, there were rumors among the Enterprise-D crew that she had met Picard when he was the commanding officer of the USS Stargazer. However, to protect the timeline, she lied by saying she only knew Picard after boarding the Enterprise. (TNG: "The Child")

The circumstances of Guinan's first meeting with Picard are detailed in the Star Trek: Stargazer novel Oblivion, which includes the two of them confronting Enabran Tain, father of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character Elim Garak.

In Ten Forward, Guinan kept a selection of alcoholic beverages for special occasions. These drinks included a bottle of Aldebaran whiskey given to her by Captain Picard. (TNG: "Relics")

Her quarters aboard the Enterprise-D were located on Deck 8, Room 3150. She also had an office located on Deck 10, adjacent to Ten Forward. (TNG: "Q Who")

As lounge host, Guinan made herself available to anyone in need, especially to the senior staff, as an informal counselor.

In mid-2366, Lieutenant Commander Data believed spending time in Ten Forward, observing Human social interaction, would be beneficial for his android "offspring" called Lal. With Guinan's guidance, Lal worked as a waitress for a brief period. (TNG: "The Offspring")

Guinan, age 12

Reverted to age twelve

No stranger to the phaser range, Guinan once beat Worf on Level 14, firing left-handed. (TNG: "Redemption")

Guinan firing her Magus III energy weapon

Guinan defuses a tense situation in Ten Forward with the aid of a rifle

When, in 2367, REM sleep-deprived crewmembers began to draft conspiracy theories about the Enterprise being unable to escape a Tyken's Rift, Guinan was able to defuse the situation, thanks to an energy-beam rifle she had acquired on Magus III. (TNG: "Night Terrors")

In early 2369, Guinan, together with Captain Picard, Ro Laren, and Keiko O'Brien, was affected by an anomaly that caused them to revert to the bodies of twelve-year-olds due to the effects of a molecular reversion field. While Captain Picard temporarily stepped down from command, a group of Ferengi commandeered the Enterprise. Believing Guinan to be a child, they confined her to a classroom aboard the ship. She, Picard, Ro Laren, and Keiko O'Brien, however, with the help of Alexander Rozhenko, were able to devise a plan to retake the Enterprise from the Ferengi. (TNG: "Rascals")

Guinan, 2367

Guinan sitting at Picard's desk in his ready room

Guinan, 2371

Guinan in 2371

In 2371, Guinan cautioned Captain Picard that Dr. Tolian Soran was seeking to return to the Nexus, which Guinan described as a doorway to a paradisiacal place. She also warned Picard that anyone who entered the Nexus would never want to leave it and that, should someone be forcefully taken away from the Nexus, their desire to return to it might make them extremely dangerous. When Picard was trapped in the Nexus shortly thereafter, an "echo" of Guinan that had remained there after the rest of her left the Nexus reminded him to focus on his mission: to prevent Soran from destroying the Veridian sun. With the help of Captain Kirk, Picard succeeded in stopping Soran and was able to escape from the Nexus. Guinan, meanwhile, was among many individuals who survived an emergency crash landing of the Enterprise. (Star Trek Generations)

As part of charity event Comic Relief, which was co-hosted by Whoopi Goldberg as well as other comedians, in 1994 the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation performed a pre-filmed scene in costume where promotional material from the event was apparently found in an archeological dig on Earth. [1] After describing the charity and its mission, Data made a comment that one of the hosts was a "Whoo-Pi Goldberg" and brought up a picture of her on the viewscreen. When Dr. Crusher commented that this "Whoo-Pi" looked an awful lot like the long-lived Guinan, the crew pondered this for a moment before dismissing it with a collective, "Nah."

After the USS Enterprise-D[]

Guinan, 2379

Guinan at the Riker-Troi wedding in 2379

After the destruction of the Enterprise-D, she attended the wedding ceremony of Deanna Troi and William Riker in 2379. (Star Trek Nemesis)

By 2401, Guinan had returned to running a bar at 10 Forward Avenue in Los Angeles. She had adjusted her physical aging to appear older, as she had observed that Humans "don't like to be reminded of their mortality." (PIC: "The Star Gazer")

Following Picard's return from 2024, he visited Guinan who apologized for not telling him sooner about their meeting in the past. Guinan was sure that if she guided him right and set Picard straight, he'd circle around eventually. Guinan also thanked Picard for setting her straight first. Guinan then drew Picard's attention to a picture of Cristóbal Rios behind the bar and revealed that Rios and Teresa Ramirez had started a medical movement together, the Mariposas and led them through hard times to help those in need while Ricardo put together a team of the brightest minds in the world and they found a way to heal the ocean and clean the sky using the alien organism found by Renée Picard on Europa. Having become close friends with Rios and his family, Guinan shared funny stories of his life with Picard before revealing the details of Rios and Teresa's deaths. Guinan then joined in Picard's toast to family alongside Seven of Nine, Raffaela Musiker and Elnor. (PIC: "Farewell")

Later that year, Guinan decided to capitalize on the occasion of Frontier Day by selling small models of various starships Enterprise in her bar. (PIC: "The Next Generation")

In 2402, the former senior staff of the Enterprise-D gathered at 10 Forward Avenue and stayed long past the bar's closing time. Geordi La Forge claimed that Guinan had been giving them "the side-eye for the last half an hour" and Deanna Troi speculated that Guinan was doing so because Beverly Crusher had drank too much of the bar's stock of bloodwine. (PIC: "The Last Generation")

Dealings with Q[]

Guinan reacting on Q

Guinan's first meeting with Q aboard the Enterprise-D, in 2365

Guinan met Q again aboard the Enterprise in 2365, at which time Q was surprised to see her; he also questioned whether the name given was her current alias, indicating that she had used another name upon a previous encounter. He advised Picard to get Guinan off the ship, and added he would be more than pleased to "expedite her departure." In response, Guinan raised her hands, implying she had a special ability to defend herself from Q's powers. However, Guinan did not take any further action against Q as, before she could do so, he returned his attention to Picard with a dismissive taunt aimed at Guinan: "Enough about this creature; she's diverting us from the purpose of my being here."

Although Q then remarked that Humanity was not ready for what awaited it, Guinan defended Humans, arguing that they "learn to adapt." As Q continued making his proposals to Picard, Guinan let off a snort of disgust, then protested Q's throwing the Enterprise into the verges of space.

After the encounter, Guinan talked to Picard about how Q had set a series of events in motion. Their contact with the Borg, she claimed, had come long before it should have. When they were ready, it might have been possible to establish a relationship with the Borg, but for then Humanity was only raw material to them. In addition, since the Borg were aware of their existence, they would be coming. Picard responded that Q might have done the right thing for the wrong reasons, as the Federation needed a good kick in its complacency to get it ready for what was ahead. (TNG: "Q Who")

Q and Guinan (2366)

A powerless Q meets Guinan; not a moment he had been looking forward to

Guinan's second encounter with Q while on board the Enterprise came a year later, in 2366. Q was, at the time, stripped of his powers by the Continuum and requested asylum aboard the Enterprise, a request Picard reluctantly granted. When Data informed her that the captain and much of the crew were not yet convinced Q was truly Human, Guinan casually picked up a fork from beside a patron's plate on the bar and stabbed Q's hand. When the latter cried out in agony, Guinan commented, "Seems Human enough to me." She told Q he was a pitiful excuse for a Human and the only way he was going to survive would be by the charity of others. After he was attacked by the Calamarain and lying on the floor of Ten Forward crying out for help, Guinan observed this dispassionately from a short distance away, remarking "How the mighty have fallen." Q's powers were later restored by the other members of the Continuum. (TNG: "Deja Q")

Personal interests[]


Picard and Guinan (2368)

Picard and Guinan, shortly after Picard won their fencing match

In late 2368, Guinan was coached by Picard in fencing. In a series of matches later in November of that year, she lost the first match that day, saying she didn't think she liked the sport. Picard replied she liked it well enough two weeks prior, when she scored two touches on him.

They then took a moment to relax and soon found themselves talking about Hugh, the Borg drone Picard had allowed to be taken on board. To Guinan's question whether taking Hugh on board was wise, Picard replied it was an errand of mercy, and that Dr. Crusher decided for humanitarian reasons to care for him.

They rose again for their second match in which they advanced and retreated a few times, parrying. Then Guinan lunged, stumbled and grabbed at her leg – apparently she had pulled a muscle. Picard lowered his foil and started toward her in concern. Suddenly Guinan was upon him, swiftly knocking the foil from his hand and scoring a touch upon his chest. "You felt sorry for me," she said. "Look what it got you." She did, however, after speaking with Hugh herself, change her opinion on the matter. (TNG: "I Borg")

Personal relationships[]


Guinan was born sometime prior to the 19th century, Earth calendar. Her father was seven hundred years old as of the 24th century. (TNG: "Rascals") In her life, Guinan married twenty-three times and had "a lot" of children. (Star Trek Nemesis; TNG: "Evolution") She had a good relationship with her maternal uncle Terkim, who she described as "sort of the family misfit." (TNG: "Hollow Pursuits") However, Guinan once had some relatively unusual (for her species) difficulty with relating to one of her sons, as he wouldn't listen to anyone. After several hundred years, Guinan managed to persuade him to open up to her, convincing him to do so just by listening to him, though she didn't initially realize she was thereby shaping him. (TNG: "Evolution")


Riker Wesley Guinan

Riker "pretends" to be flirting with Guinan

Immediately upon coming aboard the Enterprise, Guinan was able to draw the attention of many people because of the mysteries surrounding her age and origin. Except for Captain Picard, none of the Enterprise crewmembers had met her, but she soon developed a friendly relationship with many members of its senior staff. (TNG: "The Child", "Time's Arrow")

In 2365, Guinan and Riker attempted to counsel Wesley Crusher regarding his relationship with Salia. As Riker pretended to flirt with Guinan, they proved their own advice inadvisable. (TNG: "The Dauphin")

Jean-Luc Picard[]

Guinan and Jean-Luc Picard shared a long-term relationship, which, according to her, went "beyond friendship and beyond family". (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II") Picard also made a similar confession, stating that their relationship was something that went "far beyond friendship". (TNG: "Time's Arrow, Part II") She also once said to Geordi La Forge that she was attracted to bald men, because a bald man once took care of her in a time of need. (TNG: "Booby Trap") In return, Picard once remarked that Guinan was "very selective about whom she calls a friend". (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

Responding to a question as to the nature of Guinan's friendship with Picard, Gene Roddenberry said: "I will say that friendship is a much broader thing than most people understand." (Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine issue 79, p. 5)

Guinan and Picard (2365)

Picard and Guinan talk about Data's rights as a sentient being. "...the past always resonates in the present, and decisions made today reach into the future."

Guinan often advised Picard in times of dilemma. In 2365, Data's rights as an individual were challenged when cybernetics expert Commander Bruce Maddox wanted to disassemble the android for study. Picard challenged Maddox's assessment before the local Judge Advocate General. As the hearing neared its end, Picard admitted to Guinan he feared he was losing the case. Guinan asked what Maddox would gain if he should be successful in disassembling and reassembling Data. Picard responded that he would possess the ability to build many more androids. He remembered Guinan's words that the decisions we make today have implications for the future, and so Picard reasoned that if it were decided that Data was indeed Starfleet property, all future androids would be also. Guinan noted there was an ancient word for that – slavery. Eventually, Picard won Data's case by pointing out that an entire race of Datas would be used as slaves – strictly against Federation principles. (TNG: "The Measure Of A Man")

Guinan also participated in several recreational activities with Picard. In 2367, she featured as cousin Gloria in one of Picard's Dixon Hill holonovels. She, however, was not much impressed with the program. (TNG: "Clues")

Besides joining Picard on the holodeck, Guinan occasionally shared a game of chess with him, and Picard also coached her in fencing in 2368, begun when she considered exercise to strengthen her arm. Shortly prior to their match, the Enterprise had taken on board a Borg drone, at that point named Hugh. Although Guinan initially questioned Picard's decision in that matter, she was convinced by La Forge to speak with the former drone. She could not help but acknowledge that this Borg was developing a personality, becoming an individual. Upon her conversation with Hugh, she convinced Picard to speak with him as well. (TNG: "I Borg")

Beverly Crusher[]

Beverly Crusher and Guinan (2366)

Beverly and Guinan talk about Wesley

In 2366 Beverly Crusher, seeing her son socialize with other teenagers, asked Guinan whether she had any children. Guinan replied she had a lot, and Crusher inquired whether she had ever had trouble with any of them. Guinan said she had with one who went through a phase when "he wouldn't listen to anybody" – something unusual "in a species of listeners." Asked how he had grown out of it, Guinan explained a mother shapes her child in ways she doesn't even realize, sometimes just by listening. (TNG: "Evolution")

When Crusher was relieved of duty in 2369, Guinan visited her in her quarters, claiming she sought treatment for her tennis elbow, which she claimed was caused by an unsuccessful tennis match with Geordi La Forge. As Crusher began to talk about her recent actions, she explained she had illegally performed an autopsy on the Ferengi scientist Reyga, who had appeared to have committed suicide. As Crusher later found out, the Takaran scientist Jo'Bril had in fact murdered Reyga in order to discredit the Ferengi. Upon Guinan's encouragement, Crusher eventually discovered Jo'Bril's plan, prevented him from stealing Reyga's research data, and proved the technology was valid. She was exonerated and returned to duty shortly following the incident. In order to thank Guinan for her encouragement, Crusher presented her with a state-of-the-art tennis racket, upon which Guinan admitted she had never played tennis. (TNG: "Suspicions")

Wesley Crusher[]

In early 2365, Wesley Crusher was reluctantly preparing to leave the Enterprise and join his mother, who had departed to become head of Starfleet Medical. When he was staring out the windows of Ten Forward, Guinan approached him, asking him whether he wanted anything to drink. As they talked, Guinan asked him three more times during their conversation, and when Wesley pointed that out, she replied it was what she was expected to do, asking if he didn't always do what was expected of him. He tried to reply, because sometimes you have to consider others more than yourself. Guinan responded that the question was to know when to consider yourself more than others and to give yourself permission to be selfish. Their conversation made Wesley decide to stay on board the Enterprise after all. (TNG: "The Child")

Geordi La Forge[]

Guinan and Geordi La Forge (2366)

La Forge asks Guinan for advice after his date with Christy Henshaw went troubled. "Always room at the bar for another broken heart."

Guinan would often advise, or rather cheer up, Geordi La Forge after one of his dates went poorly. Thus, in early 2366, La Forge sought her advice after his date, Christy Henshaw, admitted she was not in love with him. When La Forge asked about what Guinan sought in a man, she replied she was attracted to bald men, because long ago one saved her life (Picard had "saved" the 19th century Guinan by remaining with her as she was injured by a time portal, as help came by). La Forge went on explaining that he never knew what to say around women. When Guinan remarked that he did not appear uncomfortable at the time, La Forge replied that he wasn't "trying" when he was speaking with her. Guinan replied: "That's my point", making him realize he was only uncomfortable when trying to chat up a girl. A few days later, La Forge found himself rather smitten with a holographic recreation of Dr. Leah Brahms. (TNG: "Booby Trap") A little over a year later, he got the chance to meet the real Dr. Brahms and found her much less charming than her holographic version. At the time, he again sought Guinan's advice. (TNG: "Galaxy's Child")


Guinan beats Worf at phaser range

With ease, Guinan defeats Worf on the phaser range

In mid-2366 Guinan first approached Worf, introducing him to the Terran beverage of prune juice. Although the drink was generally unpopular among Humans, Worf called it "a warrior's drink". As Guinan sat down at his table, she asked Worf why he always sat alone. Worf looked at her with vague irritation as the conversation was venturing into areas he preferred to avoid. Worf replied he would require a Klingon woman for companionship as Human females were too fragile. Despite Guinan's claim that she knew one or two women on board who might find him a bit tame, Worf laughed and refuted this as "impossible". Guinan teasingly called him a coward for not wanting to meet them, upon which Worf replied he was merely concerned for the safety of his crewmates. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

When the Klingon Civil War erupted in 2367, Worf was torn between remaining in Starfleet service and joining Gowron against the House of Duras. While practicing their skills in the phaser range, Guinan asked Worf how his son, Alexander, was doing. Worf replied he was having difficulties adjusting to life on Earth, to which Guinan responded that the time would come when Alexander would find out what it really meant to be Klingon, just as the time had now come for Worf. Worf would later request a leave of absence, and with the help of Captain Picard would reveal Romulan assistance to the Duras cause in the civil war. (TNG: "Redemption")

Ro Laren[]

Guinan and Ro Laren (2368)

Guinan talks with Ensign Ro Laren

When the Bajoran Ensign Ro Laren came aboard the Enterprise in 2368, she immediately drew everyone's attention. After discussing Ro with La Forge, Guinan sat next to Ensign Ro in Ten Forward. Although Ro initially claimed she did not want any company, Guinan remarked that she would have stayed in her quarters if that were true. As they talked, Ro commented that Guinan was not like any bartender she had ever met, to which Guinan responded that Laren was unlike any Starfleet officer she had ever met and that this might be the start of an interesting relationship. Ro objected mildly to this, saying she never stayed anywhere long enough to make friends. Guinan said that she had just made one.

When Ro was later confined to her quarters, Guinan visited her there. Ro decided to confide in Guinan after her new friend told her that people like themselves, who had lost their homes, sometimes felt like they had no control over their own lives. Ro confessed she was in great trouble. Guinan advised that she herself had been in great trouble once and that she would still have been had she not trusted one man. This conversation was instrumental in Ro's decision to reveal to Captain Picard that Admiral Kennelly had made a pact with the Cardassians in order to eliminate Bajoran "terrorists". (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

When Guinan, Ro, Picard, and Keiko O'Brien were transformed into children, Guinan took the opportunity to enjoy her 'second childhood'. Ro, however, found the idea of 'enjoying' their current situation idiotic and pointless, particularly since Ro herself had not had much of a first childhood. Guinan took her feelings as a challenge, and during the time that followed tried to provoke Ro into enjoying their situation, such as jumping on the bed. Later, after they aided in defeating a group of Ferengi who had taken over the ship, La Forge and Data managed to return everyone to their proper age. Ro surprisingly now found herself reluctant to return to adulthood. When she didn't show up for treatment, Guinan went in search of her, finding her in her quarters drawing pictures of her mother with crayons. Guinan reminded Ro that she would need to 'grow up' again, but also said there was no rush, as she joined Ro in drawing. (TNG: "Rascals")

Ro remained on board the Enterprise and continued her friendship with Guinan until 2370, when she decided to join a Maquis faction. (TNG: "Preemptive Strike")

Alternate timelines[]

Guinan, alternate 2366

Guinan in the alternate timeline

In an alternate version of 2366 that featured the Federation fighting a losing war against the Klingons, Guinan was still working in Ten Forward, though it was altered to befit the military nature of the timeline. She was the only one aboard who noticed the changes, which had followed upon the USS Enterprise-C arriving from the year 2344. Data speculated that Guinan's species, El-Aurians, could perceive alternate timelines. Guinan advised Captain Picard to send the Enterprise-C back to its own time in order to restore the timeline, an idea Picard tried with success. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise") Guinan remained aware of the now-reverted changes in the restored timeline. (TNG: "Redemption II")

Since Guinan's incident with the Nexus, where time has no meaning, she simultaneously exists there as well as in the prime universe although, as her Nexus self said, she can never enter the prime universe as there is already a version of her present there.

Guinan also appears briefly in the crossover comic "Star Trek: The Next Generation - Doctor Who: Assimilation²", in which she quickly becomes aware of the alterations made to the universe's past by the Cybermen. She also recognizes the Doctor as a Time Lord, reflecting that she now has a feeling that they have known each other for a while, but also acknowledges that they shouldn't know each other.

Hologram []

Guinan hologram

The hologram of Guinan

As part of Reginald Barclay's holo-addiction, he created a recreation of the USS Enterprise-D including a holographic duplicate of Guinan. (TNG: "Hollow Pursuits")


Guinan San Francisco Register

Guinan, pictured in the 1893 San Francisco Register on Earth

Guinan hides from her father on Earth.
Guinan owns a bar in Los Angeles.
22nd century
Guinan has dealings with Q.
Guinan is rescued by the USS Enterprise-B after her transport ship, the Lakul, is caught in the Nexus ribbon.
Guinan comes aboard the Enterprise-D at Captain Picard's personal request.
When REM sleep-deprived crewmembers begin to draft conspiracy theories about the Enterprise's inability to escape the Tyken's Rift, Guinan is able to defuse the situation, thanks to an energy-beam rifle she had acquired on Magus III.
Guinan convinces the former Borg drone Hugh that, despite the Collective's claim, resistance is not futile, and that her own survival is the living proof of that.
Guinan, together with Captain Picard, Ro Laren and Keiko O'Brien, is reverted to the body of a twelve-year-old due to the effects of a molecular reversion field.
Guinan is among those who survived the crash of the Enterprise-D.
Guinan is present at the wedding of William Riker and Deanna Troi.
By this year Guinan runs a bar in Los Angeles and has chosen to advance her age.



Background information[]

Guinan, costume polaroid

Costume continuity polaroids of Guinan's costumes

Guinan sketch

A sketch of Guinan by Durinda Rice Wood

Guinan was played by Whoopi Goldberg, who was first introduced in the episode "The Child".

According to the script for "The Child", Guinan was pronounced "GUY-nun." [2]

Whoopi Goldberg got the role of Guinan after she expressed interest to the producers, being a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series – mostly due to Nichelle Nichols, one of the first black women to be regularly featured in an American television series. (Trek: The Next Generation Crew Book, Trek: The Unauthorized Behind-The-Scenes Story of The Next Generation) When Goldberg learned that her friend LeVar Burton had been cast in a role on the new Star Trek series, she asked him to tell Gene Roddenberry that she wanted to be on the show too, but the producers thought she was joking and did not take the request seriously. The following year, Goldberg took it upon herself to contact Roddenberry directly. (Trek: The Next Generation Crew Book) According to Roddenberry, Goldberg called him up and said, "I am a Star Trek fan, I was a Star Trek fan long before I was ever Whoopi Goldberg, and I'm wondering if there's some part I can play in your show." (The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation To The Next) According to Maurice Hurley, Roddenberry and Hurley thought this was a joke by Goldberg and asked her if she would really work on The Next Generation; Goldberg replied, "I am successful now and I can do what I like!" ("Mission Overview, Year Three – Whoopi Goldberg", TNG Season 2 DVD special features)

Roddenberry had originally intended the Enterprise's bartender to be played by "the most beautiful girl in all creation." (Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special) When Whoopi Goldberg asked him for a role in his new Star Trek show, he gave it to her and rewrote the character in the process. (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations': The Multicultural Evolution of Star Trek, Heidelberg: Winter, 2004)

Guinan was named for Texas Guinan, a famed female saloon owner from Texas during the early 20th century. (Star Trek Encyclopedia, 4th ed., vol. 1, p. 321; "Mission Overview Year Three – Guinan Returns", TNG Season 3 DVD special features) Goldberg described Guinan as primarily "a cross between Yoda and William F. Buckley," but admitted that she put a lot of her own personality into the character as well. (Trek: The Next Generation Crew Book) She also had a backstory in mind to explain how Guinan knew Picard and how she had come to be aboard the Enterprise. "In my mind," she explained, "I always believed that Guinan was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great, couple more greats, grandmother of Picard. And the reason she's on the ship is just to see how he's doing. 'Cause, you know, she can go anywhere at any time." (50 Years of Star Trek)

In the first draft story outline of "The Best of Both Worlds", only a single reference to Guinan was made, as she was stated to give "a little support" to a research team, consisting of Wesley Crusher, Geordi La Forge, and Data, while they figured out a potential tactical vulnerability in the Borg. [3] However, she doesn't do that in the final edit of the episode, in which she features in only one scene, where she instead has a chat with Picard.

Guinan wasn't mentioned at all in the story outline for "Family" (while that episode had the working title "Crossroads"), despite having one scene in that installment, too. [4]

As evidenced by the first draft script of TNG Season 6 outing "Relics", Guinan was originally to have been included in that episode. She would have met Montgomery Scott and voiced a doubt about him claiming to have been drinking Scotch before she had been born. She eventually served Scott a green drink, the contents of which she was uncertain about. In the final draft of the script, though, Guinan's role in the episode was rewritten with a waiter and Data instead, the final version of the scene containing only a reference to Guinan. [5]

Regarding Guinan's taste for large hats, the first time she is seen without a hat is on the fencing court in "I Borg"; the first time she is seen without headgear of any kind is in Star Trek Generations. (When in Human costume, or disguise, in "Clues" or "Time's Arrow", she has always accessorized with an era-appropriate hat.)

In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Rivals", the writers, Jim Trombetta and Michael Piller, intended the character of Martus Mazur to be a son of Guinan. Guinan herself was to appear in the episode, but Whoopi Goldberg was unavailable. All the references to Guinan were removed and only Martus' status as an El-Aurian was retained. Although that episode was the first to name Guinan's species, she herself was not identified as an El-Aurian until Star Trek Generations. Guinan having a wayward son had been an idea floating around since The Next Generation. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, p. 109) Rumors that Guinan might appears on Deep Space Nine had been circulating as early as the opening of DS9 Season 1. (Trek: The Next Generation Crew Book)

Commenting on Guinan's absence in Star Trek: First Contact, Ronald D. Moore said, "We decided fairly early on that Guinan wouldn't be in the movie because she wasn't part of our storyline and we didn't want to shoehorn the character in." (AOL chat, 1997)

Guinan was temporarily considered for inclusion in VOY Season 5 installments "11:59" and "Timeless". In the latter case, the possibility of her appearing in "Timeless" influenced Brannon Braga to assign LeVar Burton as the episode's director early in the writing of the episode. "I had actually, on behalf of Brannon and the company, approached Whoop to see how she would feel about it," Burton recalled. "They wanted to sort of take the temperature before they dove head first into the script. Whoopi was tickled at the prospect." Since the writers found it too difficult to devise a story they felt was good enough to warrant Guinan being in it, the notion of including the character was left by the wayside. (Cinefantastique, Vol. 31, No. 11, p. 51)


Guinan makes brief contact with three stranded Iramahl in 1892 in Elusive Salvation.

The Star Trek: Stargazer novel Oblivion depicts Picard's first meeting with Guinan from his perspective, with Guinan currently in a deep state of depression after being torn out of the Nexus, tormented by her 'reunion' with her youngest daughter in the Nexus before her daughter was lost to the Borg. In the course of her encounter with Picard, Guinan is reminded that it is still possible to find joy in this universe, particularly when Picard risks his mission to rescue her.

In the novel Vendetta, Guinan is reunited with Delcara, the last survivor of a race decimated by the Borg, who settled with Guinan's people after her own were lost and came to consider Guinan a sister. However, by this point, Delcara has been consumed by her desire for revenge against the Borg, convinced that everything she touches is destroyed, to the point that she retrieves an advanced planet killer to use it against the Borg. Despite Picard and Guinan's efforts to appeal to who Delcara was before she was consumed by her desire for revenge, Delcara eventually traps herself in a time loop trying to push the planet killer to Transwarp to reach Borg space.

In the novel Engines of Destiny, it is revealed that Guinan was indirectly responsible for Montgomery Scott being on the USS Jenolen when it crashed on the Dyson sphere. In the course of the novel, Scott changes history by going back in time to rescue Kirk from the Enterprise-B, but this inadvertently results in a timeline where Earth has been assimilated by the Borg in the events of Star Trek: First Contact, although El-Auria has been spared. When the Enterprise-D goes back in time as well to try and intercept Scott, they encounter Guinan's alternate self, whose memories of the original timeline – including her meeting with Picard in San Francisco – help her recognize that history has been altered, accepting the assistance of the Enterprise in restoring history.

In the novel Greater than the Sum, Guinan returns to the USS Enterprise-E in the wake of a new Borg invasion, officiating at Picard's wedding to Beverly Crusher, but she departs the ship at the conclusion of the novel as she concludes that she can best serve Picard by letting him face his problems without her, rather than relying on each other out of fear.

In the Doctor Who crossover comic Assimilation², Guinan and the Eleventh Doctor are the only characters able to sense that their two respective universes were forcibly merged. She also assures Picard that the Doctor can be trusted and that they're going to need his help, with Picard saying the Doctor reminds him of Guinan in their similar mysterious natures, which Guinan takes as a complement. Later, Guinan explains to the Doctor Picard's past with the Borg and why he refuses to help them to defeat the Cybermen.

In the novel Indistinguishable from Magic, Guinan joins the crew of the USS Challenger to be there for Geordi La Forge, who is on temporary assignment there from the Enterprise-E. She sensed from her Nexus self that she needed to be there for him, and wound up being instrumental in helping him cope with his opportunity for a relationship with Leah Brahms, and most importantly, solving the mystery behind his mother's disappearance years ago.

In the book The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard, Guinan first meets young Picard when he is at Starfleet Academy and she is a bartender at the 602 Club.

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