Guri was a Takret male who, along with Rellus Tagrim and Renth, had served in the lower ranks of the Takret Militia until he realized the corruption among their commanding officers. The three of them attempted to resign their commissions, but when the Militia refused to allow this, they deserted rather than continue serving within an immoral military.

While fleeing the Militia in a small vessel in 2152, Guri and his comrades encountered Enterprise NX-01. In an attempt to hide from the Militia, Tagrim requested that he and his comrades board Enterprise. Fearing that Enterprise would not assist them if they knew they were deserters, they used an approaching neutronic wavefront as an excuse, even though Takret physiology was immune to the radiolytic isotopes which the wavefront emits.

Upon boarding Enterprise and enduring a wait in the ship's decon chamber, Guri and the other Takret were welcomed aboard Enterprise by Captain Archer. Tagrim claimed that he and his comrades were stellar cartographers. Unable to outrun the wavefront, however, the Enterprise crew must gather within the ship's warp nacelles to prevent exposure to the wavefront's isotopes. To keep up their ruse, Tagrim and the other Takret wait out the neutronic storm in one of the nacelles, as well. When alone with his fellow Takret on the nacelle's catwalk, Guri quietly expressed his concern about lying to the Enterprise crew.

When the Takret Militia were able to detect the deserters' vessel in Enterprise's launch bay and boarded the ship while it was engulfed in the neutronic storm, Guri finally told Archer the truth despite Tagrim's objections. Although the Takret captain and his crew laid claim to the vessel and reinitiated the ship's warp reactor, the Enterprise officers were able to drive them away by steering the ship towards a plasma eddy within the storm. After Enterprise clears the neutronic storm, Guri and his comrades were allowed to leave for the Gyrannan system, where they hoped to be safe from the Militia. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

Guri was played by actor Aaron Lustig who filmed his scenes between Friday 25 October 2002 and Friday 1 November 2002 on Paramount Stage 8 and 18.
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