Gutting room

The gutting room

Digger skins

Digger skins in the gutting room

The gutting room was a cave beneath the surface of Terra Nova where the Novans gutted Diggers.

In 2151, Captain Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed discovered the gutting room of the Novans behind a tunnel while searching the underground caverns. In this gutting room, the Novans kept the carapaces, meat, and skin of the Diggers in bowls and on shelves. The walls featured several glyphs. Several tools and a pocket knife were used for gutting. The landing party also made contact with two Novans when a third attacked them. Later, Malcolm Reed was held hostage in the gutting room. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

The gutting room was named as such on the call sheets of the episode and built on Paramount Stage 9.
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