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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

Gwyndala, more commonly called Gwyn, was a young female Vau N'Akat who lived during the late 24th century. She was The Diviner's daughter and was sometimes called his "progeny," or referred to as "Progeny of Solum." (PRO: "Lost and Found", "Starstruck")

Gwyn lived on the Tars Lamora prison colony until 2383, when she was taken hostage by Dal R'El aboard the newly-discovered Federation starship USS Protostar.

Early life

Gwyn spent some of her childhood on Tars Lamora studying thousands of alien languages, which she called "windows into other cultures," and assisting The Diviner with negotiating slave deals and interrogating those that worked at the prison colony.

Despite her work, Gwyn displayed a penchant for "The Unwanted", which at times led her to step out of bounds and speak on behalf of The Diviner, a power solely given to Drednok. She also showed sympathy for some prisoners by using softer interrogation methods than violence employed by Drednok and threatening a Kazon slave trader when he tried to sell a very young Caitian for half-price. She longed to leave Tars Lamora to see the stars.

In 2383, the Diviner tasked Gwyn to interrogate Dal R'El for information about Zero. After R'El found the USS Protostar, Gwyn lost track of him, and eventually she was held hostage on the starship by Rok-Tahk, Jankom Pog and Zero after a fight. The Protostar then left the Tars Lamora with Gwyn tied to the captain's chair. (PRO: "Lost and Found")

She was later transferred to the ship's brig. She briefly escaped when the ship was threatened by a binary star when power was transferred from non-essential systems. After she unsuccessfully attempted to escape aboard an escape pod, which were all jettisoned moments before she could board them. She then learned of the ship's vehicle replicator and attempted to use it to create a shuttlecraft, but was stopped by Rok and was subsequently returned to the brig. (PRO: "Starstruck")

Personal interests

Gwyn was trained extensively by the Diviner in starship mechanics, astrophysics, linguistics, and information technology, which she eventually realized was to prepare her for operating the Protostar. She spoke many languages besides her native language, including Klingonese and Federation Standard, as well as those used by the Kazons, Caitians, and Dal R'El. At the prison colony, she had a facility that allowed her to study languages, which she believed to allow her to understand new cultures. She favored speaking in Standard; her father considered the language "primitive", but nonetheless consented to communication with it between the two of them. (PRO: "Lost and Found", "Starstruck", "Dream Catcher")

She also possessed a professed level of martial arts skill and was equipped with an heirloom composed of malleable matter she could control with telekenesis. (PRO: "Lost and Found", “Terror Firma”)



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Background information

Gwyn is voiced by Ella Purnell.

According to she possessed a natural ability known as neuroflux. [1]

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