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Jake and Nog are prisoners on a forbidden planet!

Gypsy World is a Pocket DS9 Young Adult novel – #7 in the series – written by Ted Pedersen. Published by Aladdin Paperbacks, it was first released in February 1996.


From the book jacket
The Fjori star trader Orak is strictly off-limits as it docks at the repair bay on Deep Space Nine. But Jake and Nog can't resist the challenge of stealing a look at the Fjori star maps and trying to find the secret Fjori home planet, Eden. And no sooner do they give in to temptation than they find themselves trapped in the starship, hurtling though uncharted space, and not even Jake's father, Commander Sisko, can help them. If they set foot on the forbidden planet, they'll be forced to stay for life. Their only hope is Vija, a Fjorian girl who asks the Council of Elders to let Jake and Nog attempt the perilous Rite of Passage in order to win their freedom.

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