Master Haadok was one of the founders of the ancient Vulcan monastery at P'Jem in the 9th century BC. His mummified remains were kept along with two other mummies within the catacombs beneath the monastery.

Haadok's remains startled Commander Trip Tucker while he and a Vulcan initiate were making their way through the catacombs. (ENT: "The Andorian Incident")

In the script of "The Andorian Incident", the mummified remains of Haadok were described as "a Vulcan mummy! Desiccated, ancient, wearing tattered robes."
The prop mummy was re-used and appeared as a Vulcan mummy seen in the fourth season episode "Awakening". ("The Andorian Incident", text commentary, ENT Season 1 DVD special feature)
Later, it was later sold off at the "Profiles in History" auction. [1]
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