A hadrosaur

The hadrosaur was a genus of Earth dinosaur that lived in the Cretaceous period.

It was the most highly evolved cold-blooded organism to develop from the Eryops known to Humans, and was believed to have vanished when a mass extinction occurred at the end of the Cretaceous period.

It was discovered in the 24th century that a population of hadrosaur had survived the extinction event by living on an isolated continent, which was later destroyed by geological processes. Over the centuries, they evolved into a sentient space-faring saurian species, the Voth, and departed Earth for the Delta Quadrant. (VOY: "Distant Origin", "Friendship One")

The hologram depicts Parasaurolophus, one of many genera of hadrosaurs. Dan Curry identified it as such in the "Red Alert: Amazing Visual Effects", VOY Season 3 DVD special feature, where he also explained that the creature was a small rented model, but a cutout was used to give the actors an idea of what they would be seeing. He described the final creature as about 12 feet high.

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