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[[Category:Starfleet personnel|Haftel, Anthony]]
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[[Category:Starfleet admirals|Haftel, Anthony]]
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File:Admiral Haftel.jpg

Vice Admiral Anthony Haftel.

Vice Admiral Anthony Haftel was a Starfleet flag officer attached to Starfleet Research at Galor IV during the 2360s. During this time he was a father of at least one child and had access to an unnamed Excelsior class starship.

A cybernetics specialist himself, he - after declaring himself to be Starfleet itself - initially ordered Lieutenant Commander Data to relinquish custody of his android "daughter" Lal in 2366. He transported to the USS Enterprise-D to meet Lal himself and, if necessary, take her back to Starfleet Research.

He later assisted Data when Lal suffered a neural system failure. They were, however, unsuccessful in saving her. (TNG: "The Offspring")

Admiral Haftel was played by Nicholas Coster. His first name was mentioned in the script only.
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