Hagon was a Ligonian who was subordinate to Lutan, the leader of the Ligonians in 2364.

Hagon was Yareena's Second One, as opposed to Lutan being the First One, which gave Lutan the power and wealth on the planet. He accompanied the Ligonian delegation to the USS Enterprise-D during negotiations for a vaccine that his people possessed. Lutan planned to arrange the death of Yareena by kidnapping Natasha Yar and using her to kill Yareena in a ritual death match. During the match, Hagon showed his emotions when Yareena was almost killed by Yar. The plan failed when Yareena was transported to the Enterprise and revived. Hagon's feelings for her were noticed by Yareena and she made him her first one instead, giving him control over her wealth and power. (TNG: "Code of Honor")

Hagon was played by actor James Louis Watkins.

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