Hajjlaran was a hot exotic spice native to the planet Preenos that was used by the planet's warlords as a test of courage.

The alien trader D'Marr introduced the spice to the crew of Enterprise in 2151 in exchange for, among other things, a protein resequencer.

Chef later prepared several dishes tasted by Jonathan Archer and Trip Tucker using this spice. They both found it extremely hot, so much, in fact, that Tucker noted that Cajun food was tame in comparison. (ENT: "Oasis")

The actual pronunciation of this spice, as well as its spelling in the closed captioning for "Oasis" on the ENT Season 1 DVD, was "Haljaran." However, the closed captioning during the original broadcast, as well as the entry at StarTrek.com and the final draft script of "Oasis", spell it as "Hajjlaran."

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