Halb Daier was a Bajoran who served soup to workers on Terok Nor in 2346, during the Occupation.

He was also secretly a member of the Bajoran Resistance. He believed that Kira Meru, the mother of Kira Nerys was a collaborator and planned to kill her and Gul Dukat. He tried to get Nerys, who had traveled back in time under the name of Luma Rahl, to join the resistance but was unsuccessful as she did not want to chance changing history. After seeing her mother's actions, she returned to Daier and enlisted in his group. He gave her a small explosive device in a Bajoran earring. The attempt failed when Nerys could not go through with the assassination. (DS9: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")

Halb Daier was played by actor Tim de Zarn.
His name comes from the script.
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