The Haliian language was a language spoken by the Haliians.

Aquiel Uhnari, a Haliian Starfleet officer who worked aboard Relay Station 47 in 2369, spoke Haliian as her native language.

Geordi La Forge spoke a little Haliian, claiming he had a knack for picking up languages. He attributed it to the fact that his parents moved around so much. (TNG: "Aquiel")

Established phrases Edit

Batar al nalia.

But not on me.

(in response to, "The taste grows on you.") The English translation was in the script.


"Special Friend" or "Goodbye". (No translation available)

Also, the Horath, a Haliian song sung at the Batarael has all Haliian lyrics.

Conjectural phrases Edit

(NOTE: The following was in a deleted scene, the English translation was taken from the script.)

Nelo, nelo.

A little, a little.
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