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The Halkan homeworld was an inhabited planet. This was the homeworld for the Halkans, a pacifistic humanoid species. This was a neutral planet. The Halkan homeworld had rich deposits of dilithium.

In 2267, Captain Kirk and some others in the USS Enterprise crew were trying to negotiate rights to mine the dilithium. When they were denied the crystals, they tried to beam up to their ship, but ion storms at the planet caused a transporter malfunction, which displaced Kirk and the others into an alternate universe. When there, they found the Federation crew replaced with a brutal Imperial crew. Spock's counterpart ordered a barrage of Halkan cities. When Kirk heard this, he contacted the Halkan Council and gave them twelve hours to decide, much to Spock's surprise. But Starfleet Command ordered Spock to kill Kirk if he didn't destroy the Halkans by dawn. However, his assassination attempt failed, and afterwards, he helped Kirk and the landing party get back to their universe. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

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According to the Star Trek Maps, the Halkan homeworld is called Halka II.

In the revised edition of the Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("History of the United Federation of Planets"), there is a location named Halka, which is presumably the primary of this planet, in the Alpha Quadrant

According to the novels Captain's Peril, Captain's Glory and Cast No Shadow the Halkan homeworld is called Halkan.

The novel Dark Mirror calls the planet Omicron Indi III, while FASA's The Federation sourcebook describes it as the fifth planet in the Nola Boradne system.

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