Two pages of the book

The Handbook of Exobiology was a book dealing with the subject of exobiology that was in print in the mid-22nd century. It dealt with a variety of animals, such as the spitting termite and the Loracus devil mite.

Page 208 dealt with termites and burrowing insects, such as the termites of Loracus Prime. The following page featured two termites native to the planet, the aforementioned spitting termite and the devil mite.

In 2151, Crewman Elizabeth Cutler of Enterprise NX-01 read in the book shortly before the ship discovered the planet that was later named Archer IV in honor of the captain of the ship, Jonathan Archer. (ENT: "Strange New World")

The prop book was created by scenic artist Geoffrey Mandel, and the creature illustrations by Jim Martin. The cover of the book and the two pages seen in the episode used to be shown on Mandel's homepage. [1] The pages are formatted in the style of an Eyewitness Handbook, a series of field guides published by Dorling Kindersley. The unseen cover featured a Kaferian apple and a Talosian singing plant. It also identified the author as G. Thomas Emslie, PhD and the illustrator as Tim Mongi.
One set of pictures used in the book, those of the spitting termite, were later reused in "Doctor's Orders".
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