Haneek was a Skrreea woman chosen to represent a massive number of refugees that traversed the Bajoran wormhole in 2370. With their homeworld conquered by the T-Rogoran (who were subsequently conquered by the Dominion, allowing the Skrreea to escape), Haneek and her people hoped to find a new home, a promised land where they could resettle. Upon arriving at Deep Space 9, she believed that Bajor was Kentanna, the Skrreean's promised land.

Haneek was at first unable to communicate with the crew since the universal translator had trouble with her language. She trusted Kira Nerys, who led the group to the Infirmary, and showed them to their quarters. Once the universal translator was able to translate her language, she explained that she was a representative of the Skrreea. Haneek explained the fate of their planet and the purpose of their journey to Deep Space 9 commander Benjamin Sisko and his crew. She said there were three million Skrreea on the other side of the wormhole seeking asylum. She further revealed that Skrreean society was matriarchal and that men have no standing of authority in their society.

Haneek would discuss her request to live on Bajor with Minister Rozahn and Vedek Sorad. Believing Bajor to be their promised land, Haneek offered the Skrreea to work as farmers on the planet. She said that her people wished to settle in a deserted area and transform it into farmland, and would not be a burden on the Bajoran people. They could restore Bajor's fertility quickly in exchange for residence. This would help Bajor which was in the midst of a famine. Sisko allowed the refugees to remain on the station until the Bajoran government decided their fate.

The Provisional Government, in accord with the Vedek Assembly, would ultimately refuse to allow the Skrreea to settle on Bajor. The reason given for this decision was that, Bajor, as a planet, nor the government of Bajor could effectively sustain or support an influx of new settlers due to the decades long occupation by the Cardassians; especially if the Skrreea's farming efforts failed. Haneek and the Skrreea would settle on Draylon II. (DS9: "Sanctuary")

Haneek was played by Deborah May.
May commented: "I especially liked that this character, Haneek, was a laboring farmer. She was strong, resolute, not sentimental in any way. She established her position among her people by being all those things. Hers was a great narrative... I feel the role in DS9 worked best, perhaps because I liked that storyline so much. Very credible. That's one of the reasons why I would like to play Haneek again. There is much to mine in that narrative. I wonder what happens. I want to know, and perhaps, the viewers would as well." [1]
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