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Ensign Hans Federov was a male Human command division junior officer who served aboard the USS Cerritos under Captain Carol Freeman during the early 2380s.

He was often referred to other Cerritos crew members as the "towel guy". According to D'Vana Tendi, Federov was known around the ship as "the gossip king" who's "never been wrong". (LD: "The Stars At Night")

In 2380, he was walking through the corridor, wearing only a towel, when Beckett Mariner and Brad Boimler were giving Tendi a tour of the ship. As he passed the trio, Boimler pointed out that their location in the residential hallways "[was] pretty close to the showers, which is nice," except for the musty smell. (LD: "Second Contact")

He was also present in the LD sleeping quarters when it was announcement that buffer time had been abolished. (LD: "Temporal Edict")

Hans Federov choosing a uniform

Federov choosing a uniform

He was trying to decide between uniforms when Boimler was making a personal log on stardate 57601.3. (LD: "Cupid's Errant Arrow")

In 2381, Federov was again walking through the corridor when he accidentally kicked a beaker that contained Tendi's pet Goopy. As he walked on, Beckett Mariner yelled, "Hey, Federov, you know you can replicate a larger towel, right?" Still, Boimler, who apologized for the action, explained that it wasn't Federov's fault, and he that the inconvenience of them all being packed into the same area together. (LD: "Room for Growth")

Shortly thereafter, he was once again returning from the showers in a towel, when Sam Rutherford was awoken by his own nightmare. When Rutherford screamed, the startled Federov emitted a high-pitch scream then gave Rutherford an annoyed look; Rutherford apologized as Federov walked way. (LD: "Reflections")

He was again walking through the corridor in a towel when Mariner was packing her duffel bag after she was transferred to Starbase 80. He later walked by Tendi, Rutherford, and Boimler, once again in a towel, as they watched the FNN expose on their ship, Starfleet's Shame. (LD: "Trusted Sources")

Following the Cerritos return to Douglas Station, Boimler heard from Federov that "the Phylosian in Tactical's girlfriend's Vedek heard that Starfleet Command is shuttering the Cali-class and replacing it with drones!" (LD: "The Stars At Night")

Later, he was in his towel walking through the corridor as Mariner and Boimler discussed the mysterious mission they were assigned to in the Portelo system. (LD: "Twovix")



Background information[]

Federov has been a recurring background character since the first episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, but went unnamed until Season 3. His last name was first revealed in "Room for Growth", and his first name in "The Stars At Night".