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A living starship threatens an inhabited world!

Hard Crash is a Pocket SCE eBook novella – #3 in the series – written by Christie Golden. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in October 2000. The novella was later collected in the SCE omnibus Have Tech, Will Travel.


From the book jacket
There's more to Starfleet than exploring strange new worlds. When serious technical know-how is required, Starfleet sends in an S.C.E. team, such as the one stationed aboard the USS da Vinci. This topflight assemblage of engineers and technical specialists is a mixture of extraordinarily talented Humans and exotic aliens, including P8 Blue, an insect-like alien who specializes in analyzing structural systems, and a single, unpaired Bynar, unique among his species. Under the command of Captain David Gold, the crew of the da Vinci takes on the down-and-dirty, hands-on jobs that only they can handle.
An alien starship of unknown origin has crashed into a planet inhabited by a large and populous civilization. Accompanied by Geordi La Forge, temporarily on loan from the Starship Enterprise, the S.C.E. investigates the mysterious vessel, only to discover that the ship was not nearly as damaged as it first seemed. Now the berserk ship, which seems to possess its own life and intelligence, is on a rampage across the surface of the planet, and Captain Gold and his crew face the awesome challenge of trying to stop a starship gone insane!

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