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Harry Joseph Judge is a Canadian actor who appeared as Gorch in the Star Trek: Discovery episodes "The War Without, The War Within", "Will You Take My Hand?", as well as the mirror universe counterpart Gorch in the episode "The Wolf Inside", and a second Tellarite Admiral in "If Memory Serves". He also portrayed Tellarite bounty hunter Tevrin Krit in the Star Trek: Short Treks episode "The Escape Artist".

Judge played supporting roles in the comedy Intern Academy (2004, with Matt Frewer and Saul Rubinek), the television crime drama Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story (2004), and the drama The Truth Below (2011).

Between 2013 and 2014, Judge portrayed Henry V at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater's Courtyard Theater, directed by Christopher Luscombe. [1] [2]

He guest-starred in episodes of Murdoch Mysteries (2011), Nikita (2013, with Melinda Clarke), Reign (2014, with Nicole de Boer), Saving Hope (2015, with Milton Barnes), Mayday (2015), and Lost Girl (2015, with Christopher Russell) followed by the drama Manhattan Undying (2016, with Milton Barnes), the short drama The Fall (2016), voice work in the video game Shuyan Saga (2017), and the television drama Flint (2017, music by John Debney).

More recently, he appeared in episodes of Murdoch Mysteries (2018) and Suits (2018, with John Pyper-Ferguson and Bruce McGill and cinematography by Colin Hoult). He wrapped production on the stage play "Chariots of Fire" for which he performed at the Grand Theater in London, Ontario. [3] Judge will also appear at the StarQuest Convention in Frederick, Maryland in July 2018 alongside Conrad Coates and Bill Blair. [4]

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