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Harry Williams, Jr. (born 28 January 1969; age 52) is an actor who worked as background actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the seventh Star Trek film Star Trek Generations. [1]

Born in Wiesbaden, West Germany, Williams Jr.'s father was in the Air Force and moved back to California shortly after his birth. Williams Jr. graduated high school in 1987 and went to school in Arizona, moved back to California and started modeling when he landed his first job for a commercial. Among his first roles were featured parts in the sequel The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989), the television series Against the Grain (1993, with Kimberly Cullum and Tim Griffin) and Coach, the action thriller Speed (1994, with Alan Ruck, Richard Lineback, Carlos Carrasco, Jordan Lund, Patrick Fischler, Bruce Wright, Robin McKee, and Lena Banks), and the comic sequel Batman Forever (1995, with Ed Begley, Jr., Rene Auberjonois, Michael Scranton, Eileen Seeley, Noby Arden, Kevin Grevioux, and Sidney Liufau).

Further credits include the television series Pepper Dennis (2006), The Starter Wife (2008, with James Black), and Tales of the Frontier (2012), the action film Con Games (2001, with Rife Sibley), the short drama How 87 Learned to Smile (2005), the short comedy Flattest (2007), the drama Romantic Weirdos and the Land of Oddz (2007), the action drama Shadowman (2009), the drama Truly Blessed (2009), the horror comedy Willa Mae, the Church Lady Vampire Slayer (2009), the science fiction film Enigma (2009), the short film Sinnergy (2009), the crime drama Fortune 500 Man (2011), the drama Redemption of the Heart (2012), and the thriller The Kult (2012).

More recently, Williams Jr. worked on the comedy Such Good People (2014, with Tania Gunadi), the television series Chronic Misadventures of Slackers in Space (2014), the action film Duel of Legends (2014, with Cary-Hiroyuki and Garret T. Sato), and the drama Redemption of the Heart: The Official Movie (2015).

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