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Harvey Hart (30 August 192821 November 1989; age 61) was a film and television director. In 1966, he directed the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode "Mudd's Women".

Filming of "Mudd's Women" went one day over schedule, and Robert Justman disliked Hart's directing style. He was not rehired to direct another episode. Hart directed scenes like a movie that were more artistic and could not be chopped up in the editing room. He had a creative eye and was reputed to be loved by his cinematographers. (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story)


Hart also directed episodes of such series as Ben Casey, Mannix (both produced on the Desilu Studios lot, the former served by Matt Jefferies and the latter supervised by Herb Solow), The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Peyton Place, The Wild Wild West ("The Night of the Dancing Death", produced by Fred Freiberger, featuring Peter Mark Richman, Arthur Batanides, and Byron Morrow), and Spenser: For Hire. The last co-starred Avery Brooks, who went on to play Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In addition, Hart directed John Colicos in the short-lived TV series The Starlost and directed the acclaimed mini-series East of Eden (1981) and Master of the Game (1984, with Cliff DeYoung).

He directed several made-for-TV movies, including Sullivan's Empire (1967, with Lee Bergere), Can Ellen Be Saved? (1974, with Louise Fletcher), Mr. and Mrs. Cop (1974, with William Campbell), Panic on the 5:22 (1974, with Bernie Casey, Laurence Luckinbill, and James Sloyan), Street Killing (1976, with Gerrit Graham), The City (1977, with Paul Fix), Captains Courageous (1977, with Ricardo Montalban, Fritz Weaver, and Jeff Corey), Born Beautiful (1982, with Bill Smitrovich), Reckless Disregard (1985, with Ronny Cox), Murder Sees the Light (1986, with Saul Rubinek), Beverly Hills Madam (1986, with Terry Farrell, William Marshall, and Seymour Cassel), and Passion and Paradise (1989, with Michael Sarrazin and Gwynyth Walsh). Also among his TV movie credits are several Columbo stories throughout the 1970s, including 1976's Now You See Him with Nehemiah Persoff.

In 1965, he directed TOS star James Doohan and guest star Kim Darby in the film Bus Riley's Back in Town. That same year, he directed Peter Brocco and Bill Quinn in Dark Intruder. He went on to direct Star Trek alumni Michael Sarrazin, Percy Rodriguez, Michael Forest, Warren Stevens, and Seymour Cassel in 1968's The Sweet Ride, and Christopher Plummer in 1973's The Pyx.

Hart died in his birthplace of Toronto following complications from a heart attack.

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