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Harvey Jason (born 29 February 1940; age 80) was born in London, England. He is the son of Alec Jason, and is married to actress Pamela Franklin. Harvey played the role of Felix Leech in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "The Big Goodbye". He is the only Star Trek actor to be born on a leap day.

Jason starred with Rene Auberjonois in Lilith in 1964. He also acted with Majel Barrett in 1973 in Genesis II, a movie that was written by Gene Roddenberry. In 1974 he starred with Brock Peters in Lost in the Stars, and acted with Fionnula Flanagan in Rich Man, Poor Man in 1976. Also in 1976, he acted with John de Lancie in Captains and the Kings. Two years later, in 1978, he starred with Dean Stockwell and Frank Gorshin in Greatest Heroes of the Bible. In 1989 he had a guest role in the Hardball episode "The Silver Scream" alongside Megan Parlen, Marcelo Tubert and Valerie Wildman and directed by Larry Shaw.

Jason was in Air America with David Bowe in 1990, and acted in Hi Honey - I'm Dead with Catherine Hicks in 1991. His voice was used in FernGully: The Last Rainforest, along with that of Christian Slater. Tommy Lister and Clint Howard both starred with Jason in 1996 in Street Corner Justice.

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