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Tensions mount as Counselor Troi's arranged marriage nears, and her mother takes a liking to Captain Picard. Meanwhile, a plague ship threatens the planet where they are meeting.



"Captain's log, Stardate 41294.5. Our destination, the Class M Beta Cassius planet known simply as Haven. It is a world so renowned for its peaceful beauty that some believe it to have mystical healing powers. We will rest and relax, all too briefly, I fear."

The USS Enterprise-D arrives at the planet Haven. Captain Picard notes that the planet has been said to mend souls and heal broken hearts. Lieutenant Commander Data tells the captain that those legends are completely unsupported by fact; but Picard believes that such legends are the spice of the universe, as they sometimes can become true. Meanwhile, Commander Riker sits in his quarters, relaxing to miniature holograms of attractive women playing harps. Just then, security chief Lieutenant Yar informs the commander that his presence is requested in Transporter room 1. "Sorry, ladies. Duty calls", he says before deactivating the holographic interface. Arriving at the transporter, Riker asks what he is needed for. She answers that an object is being beamed up to the Enterprise but does not know what it is. The transporter chief informs them that Haven has approved the beam up and the object materializes on the transporter pad. Riker finds it odd looking. Counselor Troi then enters, asking what is going on. The box's "face" opens its eyes and states "I hold a message for Deanna Troi. Lwaxana Troi and the honorable Miller family will soon arrive. The momentous day is close at hand. Rejoice! Ha, ha, ha!" After frightening Yar, a compartment underneath the "face" opens, spilling jewels onto the transporter pad. Troi tells Lieutenant Yar that the jewels are "bonding gifts", or what Humans would call wedding presents. When asked by Commander Riker who is getting married, Troi says "I am."

Act One[]

In Picard's ready room, Troi tells the Enterprise's captain that she thought the arranged marriage would never happen, as the years she assumed she would be on the Enterprise's mission of exploration for, as well as the distance it would take her from her homeworld of Betazed. She tells him that a man named Steven Miller was her father's closest friend. When asked by Picard if she will be staying on the ship along with her soon to be husband, she says she will not. Picard nevertheless congratulates her and excuses himself, leaving Riker and Troi alone together. Addressing the Enterprise's first officer as "Bill", she tells her former imzadi that more than anything else, he wants to be commanding officer of a starship. He tells her that is not all he wants in his life. Troi can feel that, and she invites Riker to come dance at her wedding. Riker promises he will try and leaves. Troi is told by Data that she has a message from Haven. They wish to beam the Miller family aboard the Enterprise.

Troi meets Miller family

Meet the parents

The Miller family arrives on the Enterprise to make the necessary arrangements for the wedding. Greeting them in the transporter room is Captain Picard and Troi. Steven Miller tells Picard that he has quite the starship and looks forward to his visit. His wife, Victoria Miller warmly greets Troi. Their son, Wyatt, appearing to be shy, comes up to Troi to introduce himself. He gives her the gift of a chameleon rose, a flower that changes color according to the mood of the individual holding it. Troi thanks the young man for his gift and asks where her mother is. Wyatt tells her that she is still on Haven. Victoria Miller seems to be disdainful of Troi's mother and asks to be taken to their quarters. Picard agrees and has the Miller family escorted out of the transporter room. Picard remarks that Wyatt seems like a fine young man. Troi agrees but notes that she is not what he had expected. Picard does not understand and nor does Troi, but she senses that she is definitely something of a surprise to him. Before Troi's mother is beamed aboard, Troi warns the captain that her mother is "a little… eccentric." With that, Lwaxana Troi and another very tall individual are beamed aboard. Lwaxana materializes facing the back wall of the chamber and wonders where everyone is. She turns around and remarks on how much she hates beaming. Troi verbally greets her mother. Lwaxana however, insists that she think it, not say it. In defiance, Troi again says "Hello, Mother".

Lwaxana appears dismayed that her daughter has chosen to speak verbally, wondering telepathically what her current life has done to her. "Don't tell me, you're the captain." Picard tells her he is aware of her telepathic ability, but Lwaxana tells the captain that it was merely common sense and asks Picard to carry her luggage. Troi is aghast that her mother is demanding the captain do this menial task, but Picard insists it is all right. However, Picard finds the luggage case almost unbearably heavy.

Act Two[]

Picard leads the way to Lwaxana's quarters, straining to keep ahold of the luggage case down a corridor, past Data and La Forge. Lwaxana exhibits what most Humans would consider to be rude behavior during the entire trip from the transporter room to the guest quarters. So much so that in the middle of the trip, Deanna Troi insists that her mother's valet, the tall Mr. Homn, carry the heavy case himself. Picard gratefully allows it and Homn lifts the case up with ease. During this luggage transfer from Picard to Homn, Lwaxana tries to fill the silence with small talk and says "It's amazing how that accent of yours reminds me of your father" and Deanna replies with "Your last valet tried so hard to rid me of it." While in a turbolift, Lwaxana continues talking and talking, and at one point, tells of how Betazoids are much more advanced than plodding Humans, before her daughter telepathically tells her "that's enough!" Lwaxana finally ceases talking.

Lwaxana finds her quarters "adequate". She tells Picard that he may go, and the captain sarcastically bows and leaves the room. Lwaxana apologizes to her daughter for the sudden marriage. She tells her daughter that Steven Miller had tracked her down and reminded her of the vows they had made many years before. Troi tells her mother she is having trouble believing in those vows as she did in the past, but she will honor them as she is a Betazoid. Lwaxana tells her daughter that she may find Wyatt Miller to be an unusual person, as she has sensed remarkable depths in him.

On the bridge of the Enterprise, helmsman La Forge reports that a message is coming in from Haven. Appearing on the Enterprise's viewscreen is Valeda Innis, the First Electorine of Haven. She tells Picard that their timing is fortuitous. Picard is puzzled but Innis tells him that an incoming vessel has bypassed their stargate and violated their law. Picard asks if she believes the vessel is hostile and she replies "failure to communicate is inherently hostile." She notes that Haven possesses no defensive capabilities and the Federation specifies the Enterprise's obligations in this matter. Innis again expresses to Picard her gratitude at the Enterprise's presence.

Meanwhile, Troi visits Wyatt in his quarters. She wanted to apologize for her mother's behavior, but Wyatt finds her honesty refreshing and ultimately respects it. Wyatt begins to tell her about himself, including that he is a medical doctor. When he asks her about her mind reading ability, she tells him that someday, they could be able to read each other. She tells him that there is someone aboard the Enterprise with whom she once felt that. When Wyatt asks if this means that he has competition, she says no, because that man's greatest desire is to captain a starship. Wyatt says that what he really wants to do is cure people; Troi notes that, as a psychologist, she could lend her skills to that goal. Troi tells Wyatt she thought he was an artist, because he has created many drawings of a woman. She realizes that he thought Troi would be that woman; Wyatt explains that he has seen this face ever since he was a boy and when he closed his eyes, he heard her voice whispering his name. Aware that Betazoids are empaths, Wyatt believed Troi had been sending him images of herself. Troi tells him she's sorry she is not what he expected but Wyatt reassures her that he is not disappointed in the loss of his "childish fantasy." He finds Troi beatiful and feels honored to be with her.

"Captain's personal log. I trust my concern over the problems of ship's counselor Troi are not based merely on losing a highly valuable crew member. But it seems to me that she is trapped by a custom of her homeworld which the facts of the 24th century life have made unwise and unworkable. I wish I could intervene."

Back on the bridge, Data has obtained an image of the rogue vessel approaching Haven. It is traveling at sub-warp, several hours away from reaching the planet. When La Forge increases magnification, Picard asks his android operations officer "is that the trouble I believe it is?" Data replies that it is, indeed, a Tarellian starship. Picard signals for Dr. Crusher to report to the bridge at once. He says that ship must not be permitted to destroy the crew of the Enterprise… or Haven.

Act Three[]

"Captain's log, supplemental. It has been believed the Tarellian race was extinct, an assumption contradicted now by the sight of one of their vessels approaching Haven."

In the observation lounge, the crew discuss the current problem. Riker and La Forge suggest the ship has been damaged, explaining its slow speed and why it would have taken all these years to reach Haven from their world. Data explains that Tarella, their homeworld, was once much like Earth but "hatred outpowering intelligence" occurred, as Data puts it. During the hostilities, one group of inhabitants unleashed a biological weapon on the other group. As the Tarellians were at a 20th century level of technology, the virus became deadly and infectious. As all Tarellians were infected with the plague, they were hunted down and destroyed since they could take their sickness and spread it to other worlds. The last Tarellians were believed to have been wiped out by the Alcyones eight years prior. The Tarellians will reach Haven in just over thirteen hours. Picard reminds the crew that they will protect Haven from the Tarellians and asks the senior staff to help him find answers. He also tells the crew that their voluntary second assignment will be the pre-joining announcement of Deanna Troi and Wyatt Miller. Riker sadly leaves the lounge.

In a lounge on the Enterprise, Victoria Miller asks Picard if he will perform the marriage ceremony. Picard agrees, so long as both parties request him. However, Lwaxana's eccentric behavior causes friction as she demands the traditional Betazoid marriage ceremony, during which all participants are expected to be nude, be respected. Lwaxana refuses Victoria's request, stating that the captain is not experienced in Betazoid tradition, so Mr. Homn will conduct it. The Millers and Lwaxana continue to argue over this but Captain Picard states that it is a Starfleet tradition that disputes at social gatherings are not permitted. He declares "all disagreements resolved."

Petty bickering

"Could you please continue the petty bickering?"

Later, Picard raises his glass in a toast to Deanna and Wyatt, as well as their families. Homn bangs the Betazoid chime at a regular interval during the meal, generally annoying everyone in the room as they drink and eat. Riker excuses himself, claiming to Picard that he would like to consider the Tarellian situation further and he leaves the celebration, while looking at Troi. Data, fascinated by the social activity in the room, asks Homn, who is drinking beverages profusely, if his lineage is mixed at all with Human. Homn takes it as an insult and turns his back on the android. The dinner, however, continues to go badly, as Victoria and Lwaxana bicker over differences between Humans and Betazoids. As this continues to go on, Troi explodes at her wedding party, especially at her mother to stop their petty bickering. She storms out, knocking over Homn's chime as she leaves. Data then asks everyone to please continue their petty bickering as he finds it most intriguing.

Act Four[]

Sullen Riker in the holodeck

"May I join you?"

In a holodeck, Riker is sitting on a rock while in a simulation of a desert on an alien world, brooding. Troi enters and asks if she can join him. Riker admits that he will miss her and calls her by her first name. Troi is taken aback and says "I am no longer Imzadi to you?" and Riker replies with "You taught me that the word means 'my beloved,'" implying that the word would no longer be appropriate to use. They discuss the difficulty involved in their parting and Troi remarks that Humans, particularly those who are young, often have difficulty separating platonic and physical love. Riker admits that he cannot, not now. Suddenly, Wyatt Miller walks in marveling at the realism of the holodeck.

Riker excuses himself again and leaves the holodeck. Wyatt tells Troi that their parents have come to an agreement, some wedding guests will go naked, and some will not. Wyatt asks Troi if she really wants to go through with their wedding and Troi says she really wants to. They kiss.

"Captain's log, supplemental. All attempts at warning off the Tarellian ship have failed. They still refuse to communicate, and I am growing concerned."

Picard is faced with a difficult decision. The Tarellian ship still refuses to answer their hails. Valeda Innis contacts the Enterprise and fearfully notes that the plague ship will soon be approaching transporter range. "You do realize that they can turn this wonderful world of ours into a graveyard? Please, please take action now before it's too late!" she pleads. Then, Picard comes up with a solution. He orders that the Enterprise hold the Tarellian vessel with a tractor beam. Finally, the ship sends communication, showing their bridge crew. Troi recognizes the woman in front as the woman in Wyatt's drawings.

Act Five[]

"Captain's log, Stardate 41294.6. Orbiting Haven with the Tarellian vessel locked in our tractor beam. Question. What strange combination of circumstances has caused a woman out of someone's imagination to appear on the plague ship?"

The leader of the Tarellian group introduces himself as Wrenn and explains that the eight people remaining on his ship wish to live their last days on an isolated beach on Haven. Wyatt arrives on the bridge and, seeing the woman from his dreams through the viewscreen, is amazed to have accurately depicted her without ever having seen her in reality. Wrenn is likewise surprised to discover that Wyatt is real, his daughter Ariana having spoken of him; indeed, Ariana expected to find Wyatt there.

Wyatt asks Lwaxana how he and Ariana could feel that they know each other. Lwaxana notes that Wyatt's thoughts come through very easily. She tells him that all consciousness is fundamentally connected, an idea that most Humans reject. But Wyatt, Lwaxana knows, had always thought such a thing might be true. She suspects Ariana has similar beliefs, making it possible for them to connect. Later, in sickbay, Wyatt helps Dr. Crusher prepare medical supplies for the Tarellians. Before he leaves sickbay, Wyatt fills a hypospray with a vial and puts it in his pocket. He visits his parents, telling them to take care of each other, and he gently kisses Troi. Entering the transporter room, Wyatt incapacitates the transporter chief with the hypospray and he beams aboard the Tarellian vessel without authorization. On the ship, he sees drawings of himself, obviously by Ariana. His arrival was expected; ever since discovering that Wyatt is real, Ariana anticipated this act of bravery.

Wyatt Miller on Tarellian ship

Wyatt embraces his destiny

Wyatt communicates with the Enterprise and explains he's decided to remain there, to try to cure the Tarellians and to be with Ariana. Troi is happy for the new couple, and Lwaxana praises Wyatt for doing "very well for a Human." The Tarellians agree to move on, removing the threat to Haven, and are released to return to space. The Millers beam back to Haven; Steven leaves the chest with Troi, in hopes that she will have use of it in the future. Lwaxana, hoping to salvage the wedding preparations, suggests that she might marry Picard or Riker before deciding against it. The moment before dematerializing, She insinuates that Picard is having graphic sexual thoughts about her; Troi insists the comment was a joke, but Picard is unamused. The Enterprise warps away from Haven, Picard expressing to Troi his happiness that she will remain aboard.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Look at your father, Wyatt. He just can't wait to strip off his clothes for that barbaric ceremony!"

- Victoria Miller

"Your mother relented. And I just caught my father practicing naked in front of his mirror."

- Wyatt Miller, on how a compromise on the traditional Betazoid nude wedding was structured

"They must not be permitted to destroy us. Or the planet."

- Picard, upon viewing a Tarellian plague ship

"Actually, Bill was concerned that you might be upset that I care deeply for him, too."

- Deanna Troi, referring to Commander Riker as "Bill" when explaining the Commander's outburst on the holodeck

"Hello, Wyatt. We always thought you were a dream."

- Wrenn

"How could you let this happen? My son surrounded by those horrible lepers!"

- Victoria Miller, to Picard after her son Wyatt beams over to the Terellian plague ship

"Thank you for the drinks."

- Homn, to Picard, his only spoken line in the entire series

"Stop this petty bickering, all of you! Especially you, Mother!" (Storms out of the dining room and knocks over the Betazoid chime)
"Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing."

- Deanna Troi and Data

"That was meant as a joke, Captain."
"I was not amused."

- Deanna Troi and Picard

"Considering the rate at which you imbibe, sir, is your lineage at all mixed with Human?"

- Data, to Homn at the prejoining reception

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Production and effects[]

  • Despite being aired later in the season, this episode was produced as the third episode after the pilot.
  • This is the only Star Trek episode that was directed by Richard Compton. He had earlier appeared twice in Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • According to Robert Legato, 110 visual effects shots were used in this episode. ("Departmental Briefing Year Five – Visual Effects"), TNG Season 5 DVD special feature)


  • This is the second and last episode in which Commander Riker is referred to as "Bill". He was previously called "Bill" in "The Naked Now".
  • This episode features the only significant usage of the Enterprise-D's dining room. In future seasons, formal events were almost always held in Ten Forward. The dining room does however make a brief appearance in the following episode to be produced, "Where No One Has Gone Before", when a crewman is hallucinating playing with a string quartet.
  • This is the one and only time that Homn speaks.
  • The fact that this episode was produced earlier in the first season than it aired creates a small error in continuity. This is because, in "Haven", Deanna Troi hasn't seen her mother for some time. However, in the previous episode to air, "Hide And Q", Deanna is away visiting her home on Betazed.
  • When Wyatt enters the holodeck to find Deanna with Will, there is no sound played for the doors. This is likely so the two would be surprised at his entry.
    • It is possible he entered from "further away" in the simulation, and simply walked up to where the two had stopped.
  • In this episode Lwaxana states "It's amazing how that accent of yours reminds me of your father" and Deanna replies with "Your last valet tried so hard to rid me of it." This implies that Deanna Troi got her unique accent from her Human father. However, when she conversed with her father in the Season 7 episode "Dark Page", he is depicted as having a North American accent.
  • In this episode an exchange between Counselor Troi and Commander Riker take place that defines a word used previously. Counselor Troi asks "I am no longer Imzadi to you?" and Riker replies with "You taught me that the word means 'my beloved'," This word is first used in the pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint" but it is not defined until this episode.


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20th century; 24th century; 2356; accent; age; Alcyone; ambition; amusement; announcement; answer; arch; artist;attraction; assignment; assumption; automation; bearing; beast; beauty; behavior; best man; Beta Cassius; Betazed; Betazoid; Betazoid chime; Betazoid wedding; biological virus analysis; biological weapon; body; bonding gift (wedding present); bridge; briefing; broken heart; buzzard; ceremony; chair; chameleon rose; class M; clothes; clothing; colleague; color; common sense; competition; compliment; compromise; confusion; consciousness; Constellation-class; Constitution II-class; contact; coordinates; couple; custom; daughter; day; desert; desktop monitor; destination; destiny; disappointment; discussion; distance; drawing; dream; dream image; "duty calls": earring; Earth; Earth wedding; employment; extinction; eye; face; fact; family; fantasy; fear; Federation policy; feeling; Fifth House of Betazed; First Electorine; food; fool; fork; frequency; friend; genetic bonding; graveyard; guest; habit; hairstyle; harp; hatred; Haven; Haven's moon; healing power; hello; heritage; holodeck; hologram; Holy Rings of Betazed; home; honesty; hour; Human; humanoid; humor; hypospray; idea; ignorance; imagination; imzadi; infection; inhabitant; intelligence; island; jewelry; job; joining; joke; kiss; knife; knowledge; land mass; law; legend; leper; lifeform (life); lineage; love; luggage; magnification; marriage; mate; medical doctor; medical school; medical supply; medicine; mental power; message; Miller family; mind; minute; mirror; mission; model; mood; mother; mouth; name; nature; necklace; need; night; nudity; object; obligation; observation lounge; order; override; owner; painting; passenger accommodation; peninsula; person; pet; phaser burst; physical love; place; plague; plague ship; planet (world); platonic love; population; pornography; problem; psychologist; puzzle; quarrel; quarters; question; ready room; responder echo; rest and relax; Richard III; ring; ritual; romance; room; rose; running light; Sacred Chalice of Rixx; sanity; screen; sea; second; secret; security training; sense of humor; sensor; sign language; social gathering; son; soul; spoon; Starfleet Academy; stargate; starship captain; statue; story; subject; sub-warp speed; sun; superstition; Surface Station; surprise; Tarella; Tarellian; Tarellian Civil War; Tarellian starship (aka Tarellian vessel); telepathy; telepathic ability; temper; temperature; termination; thing; thought; threat; toast; tomorrow; tractor beam; tradition; training; transporter pad; transporter range; Transporter Room 1; treaty; trip; Troi, Ian Andrew; turbolift; United Federation of Planets; universe; unnamed plants; valet; velocity; viewer; virus; visit; VISOR; vow; warp speed; wedding; wedding party; whispering; window; word; Xelo; year

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lie; mile; ruby; standard orbit; wedding dress; viral immunology

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