The Haven natives were the pacifistic humanoid inhabitants of Haven, located in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. The people of Haven were independent and self-governed, led by one designated as the First Electorine or simply Electorine. In 2364, that role was filled by First Electorine Valeda Innis.

That year, when their planet was under the threat of an incoming Tarellian starship, which had bypassed their stargate, Innis reminded the captain of the orbiting USS Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard, of the treaty arrangement between her people and the Federation. That obligation being that because Haven had no defensive capabilities, it was the Federation's duty to protect their homeworld.

In Picard's later analysis of the situation – helping a species in need, namely the Tarellians – he felt the terms of the treaty forced him to be in an unwelcoming position, specifically the requirement to also protect Haven from alien threats – who also happened to be the Tarellians.

When contact was finally established with the Tarellians, their leader, Wrenn, spoke to Picard of his group's desire to live out their lives on Haven, requesting that "We do not ask to make contact with those living below. All we ask is to be on the edge of some sea, some unpopulated island or faraway peninsula." Picard sympathized with their request, but explained that because it was not a Federation world, he could not speak for its people, and instead offered "I'll be happy to present your needs to those who govern this world..." (TNG: "Haven")

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