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A small Federation away team led by Lieutenant Costello beams down from the USS Hawking into a Maquis camp. It is completely deserted, but a Bolian security officer finds a man locked in a storage closet. He introduces himself as Lieutenant Commander Kelloway of the USS Grissom.

He tells Costello that he was on shore leave on Risa, some distance from the DMZ. He began talking to a woman from Rigel 7, and they went back to his room together. The next morning, two men entered the room and stunned him and then forced him to help them repair their ship. Two days later, they locked him in the closet and fled the base.

Costello calls up to Admiral Alynna Nechayev on the Hawking and they arrange a briefing on board the vessel. When Costello and Kelloway enter the room, they find the Admiral and Gul Evek waiting for them. Evek demands to know where Chakotay is headed. Kelloway refuses and pulls a phaser. A Vulcan security officer quickly disarms him with a nerve pinch, noting that there was no record of his shore leave on Risa.

Evek demands to be allowed to chase Chakotay down to kill him, but the Admiral will not let him. At that point, Felat, a Cardassian aboard the ship Valoris reports to Evek that they have detected Chakotay's ship on their scanners, headed toward the Badlands. Evek heads off to join the ship in pursuit while the Admiral contacts Starfleet Command to get hold of Captain Janeway immediately.

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The senior staff of Deep Space 9

Benjamin Sisko 
Commanding officer of Deep Space 9.
Kira Nerys 
First officer aboard Deep Space 9, and Bajoran liaison to Starfleet.
Julian Bashir 
Chief medical officer aboard DS9.
Changeling chief of security aboard DS9.
Jadzia Dax 
Trill science officer aboard DS9.
Miles O'Brien 
Chief of operations aboard DS9.
Ferengi businessman and owner of Quark's located on the station's Promenade.

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