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When the USS Enterprise investigates an attack on a colony at the edge of Federation space, Captain Pike and his crew face the return of a formidable enemy. (Season finale)



The USS Cayuga is in orbit of the colony world of Parnassus Beta, just outside Federation space, which was designed to look like a small town in the old Midwestern United States. The Cayuga has been tasked with assisting the colony, including improvements to its agriculture and providing necessary vaccines for the population. Nurse Chapel has hitched a ride with the Cayuga on her way to begin her fellowship with Dr. Korby, and is assisting with the vaccinations. Captain Batel asks Chapel if Korby didn't mind her showing up early, and Chapel points out that in space, no one ever showed up when they meant to. With the vaccinations done, Chapel returns to the ship to prepare for the next day.

Batel then receives a message from Captain Pike. Batel asks what she owes the pleasure of the call, and Pike jokingly asks if he needed a reason, thinking they were past it. Batel agrees, but points out she was busy, and Pike promises to patch it through her yeoman next time. When she asks about him, he replies that he wasn't breaking into song every ten minutes, which he calls a "minor victory", and asks about the people on Parnassus. Batel calls the situation "complicated", as Federation membership would help them, but they were wary of having a target painted on their backs. When Pike begins to offer a suggestion, Batel reminds him that she did this for a living. Pike confesses that he misses her. In the midst of their banter, the signal is lost. Pike quietly looks down at the Opelian mariner's keystone she had given him.

The communication problem appears to be on Batel's end, as she checks with one of her officers, Ensign Doug Appel. But when Appel calls the Cayuga, all he receives is static. Their attention is then drawn to a shuttle, on fire and out of control, streaking across the sky before crashing near the town. When Batel urges Appel to immediately get the Cayuga on comms, the ensign's attention is drawn to the sky, and Batel looks up to see a massive vessel entering the atmosphere. "My God," is all the captain can say, as the colonists scramble to find shelter.

Aboard the USS Enterprise, Uhura picks up a distress call from the Cayuga. Batel reports that her ship and the colony are under attack by the Gorn. Pike immediately orders Ortegas to make for Parnassus Beta with everything she's got, and has Uhura open a secure channel to Admiral April. April explains that the Federation is at a dangerous level in their relations with the Gorn Hegemony. Pike knows the Gorn have been assembling their forces on the border for some time. April reminds him that the situation was happening outside Federation territory, and the incident could spark a war between the Federation and the Gorn, something Starfleet wants to avoid. Pike believes the Gorn attacked them first, but April reminds him that the colony was outside their jurisdiction, though they still need to find out why the Gorn attacked. The admiral thinks it safe to say that they don't understand the Gorn. Pike, however, has had encounters with them before, in the attack on Finibus III and answering the distress call of the USS Peregrine on Valeo Beta V, and condemns them as monsters. April points out that "monster" was a term used to describe what one didn't understand, but Pike counters that sometimes a monster was just a monster. April needs Pike's utmost caution, ordering him to conduct reconnaissance only to avoid further aggravating the situation. He knows Pike and Batel are close, and hopes it would not color the captain's judgment. As Ortegas reports from the bridge that they were coming out of warp, Pike curtly assures the admiral that it wouldn't.

Pike orders yellow alert and has Ortegas take them slowly around the far side of the moon. As she does, the crew stare in stunned silence as they see that the Cayuga has been destroyed.

Act One[]

As the Cayuga's wrecked saucer floats in front of them, Pike reminds his crew not to make assumptions. He has Spock scan for life signs and escape pods, hoping some of the crew survived. But Spock's scanners are not functioning; Uhura reports the same for communications, and Una for transporters. Spock detects a counter-frequency coming from the planet, negating all scans, communications, and transporter signals between the Enterprise and the surface. When Pike asks what was causing it, La'an replies that she believes it to be an interference field deployed by the Gorn during invasions to prevent communications or movement. Pike urges his crew to "think harder"; when he spoke with Batel, she was on the surface along with much of her crew, and believes she may still be there. Una reminds them of their training: Starfleet protocol dictates that the survivors should make any effort to call out to anyone who was listening. Uhura knows the comms and sensors are down, but they still have line of sight. Una agrees, thinking they could communicate with lights, fires, or smoke signals. Pike orders them to start observations.

Just then, Spock detects an incoming warp signature, and Pike orders red alert. Spock identifies the ship as a Gorn hunter; Pike orders phasers readied, but to hold for his command. Uhura then receives a message from outside the interference field, sent by Starfleet: they had received a message from the Gorn. The Gorn have sent an image with a demarcation line through the Parnassus system, and Parnassus Beta was on their side of the line. Starfleet has ordered the Enterprise to maintain their side. Pike calls the command crew to his ready room.

Pike assesses the situation: the Enterprise is holding to their side of the demarcation per Starfleet's orders, and the Gorn have thus far held to theirs... but he believes the survivors of the Cayuga may be on the Gorn side, and he does not intend to leave them there. Pike makes clear that he is not ordering anyone to accompany him; he will accept volunteers, but is prepared to go alone if he has to. Spock is the first to speak up, wanting to help Batel and Chapel, hoping the latter made it safely down. Uhura feels the same way, and Una believes they all do. Pike thanks them, but believes they were better off remaining on the ship to help prevent a war. Sam Kirk enters, offering his services; he admits he had been "scared out of [his] wits" when he first saw the Gorn on Valeo Beta V, but wants another chance to study them up close. La'an asks if he is prepared to do so with a phaser. "How else would we determine how best to kill them?" he replies. Dr. M'Benga, remembering the incident on Finibus III, also volunteers to aid that "study". La'an admits she would like them dead as much, if not more, than the rest of them. However, they didn't know what they were walking into on the surface, and she believes phasers would not be enough.

Pike, however, has something that might help. He calls transporter chief Jay, asking if the in-ship transporters were still functional. Jay confirms they are, and Pike has them beam crate 32 to his ready room. Since the Gorn began building up on the border, Starfleet created the "Gorn Protocols" for any future contact with the hostile species. Ortegas thinks of it as a "break in case of Gorn" situation. The new protocols include improved phaser harmonics to counter their defenses, improvements to their tricorders to better detect the notoriously stealthy creatures, and nitrogen grenades that would be lethal to the cold-blooded reptilians. Ortegas points out the "supercool toys", but asks how they were supposed to get on the surface to use them, with the Gorn hunter waiting to attack anything that crosses the demarcation line. Pike admits he doesn't know, but thinks that maybe all they needed was to plot the right course.

Una has been running projections, including using the Parnassus moon as a slingshot and adjusting to a synchronous orbit to avoid being on the same plane as the hunter ship, but no matter what, the hunter would still detect them. Ortegas points out the debris field from the Cayuga, pointing out that the Gorn weren't shooting at that because they already had. Pike thinks it a "brilliant" idea – if they could make a shuttle appear as just a piece of debris, the Gorn might let them through (at which Ortegas worriedly latches onto the "might"). Pike confesses he could use her expertise, reminding her that she had been pestering him for months about joining a landing party. Ortegas confesses she had, and half-jokingly wonders why.

The shuttle, disguised with scrap metal to make it appear like space garbage, drifts through the Cayuga's debris field, and into the scanner range of the hunter ship. Ortegas remarks that they should look as dead as the rest of the Cayuga - then apologizes to Pike, realizing what she just said. Pike assures her that it was alright, and his nerves were also on edge as well. The landing party also includes La'an, M'Benga, and Kirk. From the Enterprise, the crew watches as the shuttle drifts right by them, Uhura calling it an "old zombie movie trick"; at Spock's confusion, Una explains that if one appeared dead, the zombies would go right by them. The shuttle moves out of the Enterprise's range; Pike and his team were now on their own, as the shuttle enters the atmosphere. As it begins an uncontrolled descent, spinning towards the surface, Pike worriedly asks if Ortegas planned to activate the engines; Ortegas chides him for "back-seat driving", and replies she is waiting until they were below 1,500 meters to stay off the Gorn's scanners. After a tense moment, Ortegas brings the shuttle level, before reminding Pike he had been a test pilot at one point, and refers to it like "riding a bike". Pike, however, thinks Ortegas had been born for this.

Spock continues to try and find a way to scan for lifesigns aboard the Cayuga. He had theorized there was a frequency gap in the interference field, but had thus far not been able to find it. Una quietly tells him she doesn't think anyone is alive over there, but Spock insists that spectrometric analysis indicates pockets of oxygen on board. Una would never tell Spock not to hope, and adds her hope that Chapel is alive. Spock admits things did not end well between them, and they had fought – "all things that seem trivial in the face of death," he believes, but still wishes to apologize to her. Una assures him it had not been his fault. Spock looks back to his scans, noting that the Cayuga rotated every two hours, and their sickbay would be coming up, thinking perhaps a targeted scan would show signs of life. Una has the computer magnify the Cayuga's saucer; Mitchell is the one to see that the sickbay is gone. Spock can only stare in stunned silence.

Act Two[]

On Parnassus Beta's surface, Pike sees a strange device that didn't appear native. La'an identifies it as Gorn technology, remembering seeing one on the breeding planet she had escaped from; her brother Manu believed it was a beacon intended to trap passers-by. As the landing party movies up, Pike guesses it was the source of the interference field, and La'an's scans confirm it. He asks if she detects any hostile signals, and she reports negative. As they move through the streets, they see evidence of fighting; La'an speculates they made their stand in the buildings, and lost. Pike knows there were five thousand people in the colony, and is sure there were survivors. La'an is not so sure, but Pike reminds her that she made it out. Kirk detects a signal coming in, and La'an confirms, size indicating a Gorn youngling. The team takes cover, and observe the creature stalking through the streets. Pike gives the signal, and La'an downs it with one shot, proving that the new phaser settings worked. Kirk wonders why they sent out a youngling to face them - if the Gorn knew they were there, why just send in the babies? But La'an knows that the Gorn spread their eggs throughout a planet to soften it up for conquest; the interference field tower was just "locking the door". M'Benga notes the youngling looked hungry, which meant no food left. Pike, however, remains optimistic that there are survivors still in hiding. Kirk's scanners pick up dozens more younglings coming their way, and Pike directs them to the nearby barbershop, deactivating the lights on their combat vests. The younglings run through the streets, a pair of them stopping to eat the corpse of the one La'an had killed.

Back on the Enterprise, Uhura finds Pelia working on recalibrations to the deflector shield, clearly distracted by her work. Uhura is trying to find how the Gorn are blocking communications, and has a "crazy" theory. As Pelia goes on, Uhura hems and haws a bit, but Pelia urges her not to "sugarcoat" it, as she loved crazy theories.

On the surface, La'an expresses confusion: the younglings should be fighting for dominance, not working together. Pike thinks that if she didn't understand them, that meant there was something about the Gorn they had yet to discover, and thinks they should try reaching out to them instead of trying to fight them. "Ever the optimist," La'an observes. He thinks sometimes hope is a choice, and La'an recalls he had said the same thing about Finibus III. Pike admits he was saying it more because he felt he needed to hear it, and that was why they were there. La'an assures him that Batel is tough, joking that if she could handle Pike, the Gorn were a "piece of cake", earning a smile from the captain. Ortegas reports the Gorn have moved on, and Kirk's scanners have picked up an anomalous signal coming from down the street - a Human, seeming to prove Pike's optimism about survivors.

Inside, however, all they find are further signs of a massacre, and La'an thinks whoever is being picked up is not being careful enough. Kirk's scanner follows the signal to a device in a nearby cardboard box. As they observe it, a force field comes up to block them in, and a young man in the uniform of a Starfleet engineer pokes his head out a door, noting with a Scottish accent that they were not Gorn. The device was a trap designed to put out auditory and pheromonal life signs at regular intervals, as well as heat signatures and most scanners, to lure in the Gorn. He lowers the force field, and identifies himself as Lieutenant junior grade Montgomery Scott. La'an doesn't recognize his name from the Cayuga's manifest, and Scott explains he was from the USS Stardiver, a solar research vessel studying solar flare activity one system over when the Gorn attacked. The Stardiver was destroyed, along with the whole crew; Scott had escaped in a shuttle, jury-rigging the engines to flee to the Parnassus system, where he "hid in plain sight". M'Benga commends his escape as resourceful (Ortegas adding "mysterious"), and Scott admits he can be "creative" when being hunted by flesh-eating lizards. Pike somberly asks if any of the Cayuga's crew survived.

Scott leads them to a nearby diner, where they find Batel and some of her crew, worse for wear but alive. Batel calls Pike an idiot for coming there, believing he had been safe, and now he was stuck there with them. Pike has a shuttle that can take them to safety, but all the survivors wouldn't fit on a shuttle, and the Gorn would blow them out of the sky if they tried. Pike asks if Scott had any ideas. Scott explains that the Stardiver had been in the Shangdi system when the red supergiant star began emitting coronal mass ejections, which Kirk compares to being like solar flares but much more violent. As they were observing the CME activity, the Gorn swarmed them, and Scott thinks something about the flares lured them out. Kirk compares it to locusts having their swarming instincts triggered by environmental factors. He remembers how La'an had showed them how they communicated through light, and wonders if they had some ingrained sensitivity to it. Batel considers this critical intelligence, something they could use against the Gorn, and Pike sees it as all the more reason to get off the planet. Pike asks Scott about "hiding in plain sight"; the engineer explains that he made a quick assessment of Gorn scanning technology, and determined how they were able to identify one another, similar to Starfleet transponders. He essentially made his own Gorn transponder using equipment from the Stardiver's solar array, but by the time he was able to activate it, the shuttle had already taken damage and was leaking antimatter. Parnassus Beta had been the closest planet he could set down on, and it happened to be right in the Gorn's path. Pike asks if he could build another such device. Scott replies he couldn't, unless they had a Hubble K17C Stellar Assessment Array he could cannibalize.

As M'Benga tends to the wounded, Ortegas offers her help. The doctor had thought she would be planning the next stage of the attack, but Ortegas is leaving that to the captains. She asks if he had heard about Chapel; he had been told she had gone back to the Cayuga, something they both considered "not great" to hear. M'Benga adds that if Chapel were there, she would tell them to pick up the pace, and Ortegas impersonates her saying that "these people wouldn't heal themselves". M'Benga thinks it a good impression, but Ortegas thinks Chapel did a better one of her.

Aboard the Enterprise, Spock picks up two more Gorn hunter ships, still on their side of the line. Una remarks that the red alert couldn't get any redder. Just then, Uhura and Pelia arrive, asking to speak with them. They had been able to triangulate the location of the source of the interference field on the far side of Parnassus Beta, a non-native structure that they think the Gorn had brought with them. Una points out that weapons fire would provoke a response, but Pelia reminds them that the Gorn did not respond to space debris. Uhura thinks a piece of debris large enough to survive re-entry into the atmosphere could be used to crash into the machine, destroying it and restoring their communications and transporters. Una realizes that there is such a piece: the Cayuga's saucer. Pelia comments if she had given such a response in her class at Starfleet Academy, she would have given her an A-plus (earning a slight glare from Una), before explaining that with the right calculations and a few well-placed retrorockets, they could make it appear like the Cayuga's orbit was decaying naturally, and with a few last-minute adjustments, they could make sure it hits exactly where they need it to. Uhura adds that by the time the Gorn realize what had happened, the survivors would be rescued. Spock thinks placing the retrorockets would be nearly impossible for a Human, and volunteers to do so, agreeing with Pelia and Uhura that it was their best chance. Una is concerned that Chapel's fate is affecting his judgment. Spock concedes he is upset, but has not given in to grief yet. Logic dictated that they did not know the fate of either Chapel or Captain Batel, and until they did, the best chance to save them was to disable the Gorn interference field. Spock also points out he is the only member of the crew who could accomplish the task; if it was to succeed, it had to be him.

Act Three[]

Inside the barricaded diner, the survivors are trying to get as much rest as they can. Pike awakens, and quietly makes his way to the door. But Batel is right behind him, asking what he was doing. Pike is hoping he can reach Scott's shuttle and find his transponder, so they could fly out of there. Batel reminds him they couldn't take everyone, but Pike is focused on one problem at a time; if he can rescue anyone, it was a start. Batel does not intend to let him go alone, and is not fazed by his attempting to stare her down. Scott also awakens, saying they would need his help, as it was fused in, before apologizing for eavesdropping - though he points out it was not his fault they were trying to have a secret conversation near his sleeping spot. Pike invites him along, and Scott, though terrified, admits he owes it to the crew of the Stardiver. He suggests taking the back way and not using the street to avoid the Gorn. Pike tosses him a phaser pistol, in case they don't.

Aboard the wreck of the Cayuga, the oxygen was reaching critical levels. Chapel comes back to consciousness and rises unsteadily to her feet, briefly bringing back life support systems for at least another hour. She collects what supplies she can find, before she sees something outside the nearby viewport: The Enterprise. Picking up her flashlight, she begins shining the light through it, trying to show she was there. Meanwhile, Spock, in an environmental suit, propels onto the hull and begins setting the retrorockets. Chapel sees Spock float by, and tries to reach out to him. Desperate, she heads to the nearby EV suit bay, and grabs one of her own.

Inside Scott's crashed shuttle, he finds the device fused to one of the consoles. He asks for Pike's help to pry it off, while pointing Batel to an ion welder somewhere nearby. As Batel searches, the clicking sound of a nearby Gorn youngling gets their attention. Trying not to act too hostilely, Pike raises his hands.

Suited up, Chapel hears signs of someone attempting to access the computer. Thinking it might be Spock, she approaches... but the long tail alerts her to the presence of a Gorn adult, and she quickly hides. She looks to a nearby frozen Jefferies tube, and gets an idea...

Act Four[]

Inside the crashed shuttle, Pike, Batel, and Scott wait anxiously to see what the youngling will do. Staring them down for a moment, the youngling snarls and retreats through the breach, and Batel blocks the entrance. Batel thinks they got "lucky", that the Gorn chose not to attack, and is not in the mood to question it. Scott thinks he may need to break the quadrocoupler and use another from the shield array, if he hadn't already.

Spock sets the last of the rockets on the exposed bridge of the Cayuga, and the saucer begins to move. Through the reflection on the glass of the console in front of him, Spock sees the tail of the Gorn adult behind him, and draws his phaser. The Gorn lashes out with its tail, disarming him. Just then, Chapel enters, much to Spock's surprise, and just as the Gorn attacks. Spock tackles the Gorn, but it gains the upper hand, and prepares to crush Spock's helmet. Chapel scrambles to grab Spock's phaser, and after a tense few seconds manages to get a hold of it, firing a shot that gains its attention. Spock grabs a piece of the bridge railing and smashes it through the Gorn's own helmet, causing it to die from oxygen loss and extreme cold.

On the shuttle, Pike asks Batel why the Gorn backed away from her. When she gives evasive answers, Pike persists; he had come all this way to save her, and asks her to trust him with the truth. She rolls up the sleeve of her jacket, showing that she has been infested with Gorn eggs. It had occurred the day before, and the eggs mature in a day and a half.

Spock and Chapel float through the open bridge of the Cayuga as the saucer begins to burn up in the atmosphere. As they float back to safety, Spock takes Chapel's hand as they watch the saucer's descent.

Batel urges Pike to leave her behind, knowing what will happen when the eggs matured; she does not want to endanger the survivors or Pike's crew. Pike is not willing to let her die, but Batel reminds him that it was what Hemmer had done. Pike points out that Hemmer had not given them a choice, and Batel gives him hers: She intends to use the device on his shuttle, fly it into the Gorn tower to destroy it, and allow Pike and the others to beam back to the Enterprise. Scott then looks up, telling them to hold onto something. As they watch, the Cayuga's saucer crashes into the Gorn tower.

With comms and transporters restored, Spock calls for two to be beamed aboard; realizing he had found Chapel, Una happily acknowledges, then signals Pike. He has them track the colonists first, then orders three to be beamed directly to sickbay, asking Pelia to be there as well. As Spock and Chapel beam aboard, Una sends Chapel to sickbay and asks Spock to come to the bridge. Spock begins to apologize, but Chapel asks him to save it, as they would have time later.

Chapel is waiting in sickbay as Pike, Batel, and Scott beam aboard. A relieved Pike hugs her, glad to see her alive. He tells her that Batel had to be immediately sedated because of the Gorn infestation; Chapel also knows they'd need a stasis field. Batel tells Chapel to kill her if there is any sign that it could not be stopped. Pike has no intention of giving up on her, and Chapel assures him that she doesn't either. As Pelia enters, Pike introduces her to Scott, whom she knows as "Scotty" – one of her best students at the Academy, who also received some of her worst grades. He is carrying the device he salvaged from the shuttle to hide them from the Gorn.

Pike goes up to the bridge, where Una informs him that a Gorn destroyer has entered orbit, leaving them to face four ships; Spock reports more on the way. Pike tells Uhura to get an urgent message to Starfleet with the intel they had learned, then calls for the survivors to be beamed up. Spock, though, is not detecting any Human life signs on Parnassus Beta... and residual transport signatures indicate that they had been beamed up by the Gorn.

The three hunter ships begin opening fire, causing severe damage. Chapel has Batel sedated and in a stasis field, and Pelia and Scott quickly make their way to engineering. Uhura receives a priority signal from Starfleet, ordering their immediate withdrawal. Mitchell protests, as the Gorn have their people. Pike stares out the viewscreen in stunned silence, as Una asks him for orders.


Memorable quotes[]

"I think it's safe to say that we don't understand the Gorn."
"Well, I've seen them up close and personal and they're not hard to understand, Bob. They're monsters."

- April and Pike

"Ever since the Gorn started massing on the edge of Federation space, Starlfeet's been working on weapons to counter them. Now all our ships carry these, in case."
"‘Gorn Protocols. To be distributed upon an encounter with the hostile species.’"
"Break in case of Gorn."

- Pike, La'an, and Ortegas

"You want me to pilot the shuttle?"
"Come on, Erica. Haven't you been bugging me for months about joining a landing party?"
"Yes, I have. Why have I been doing that?"

- Ortegas and Pike

"They do not appear to notice the shuttle."
"Because they look like space garbage. Old zombie movie trick."
"Zombie movie?"
"Yeah, dress up like you're dead so the zombies don't notice you. You've never seen one?"
"A zombie, no. A movie, yes. But I will add some to my research."

- Spock, Uhura, and Chin-Riley, while viewing Pike's shuttle sneaking past Gorn patrols

"I thought you were a test pilot."
"I was."
"Come on, it's like… it's like riding a bike."
"Yeah, at the speed of light! You were born for this, Erica."

- Ortegas and Pike, after Ortegas skillfully maneuvers their shuttle down to Parnassus Beta

"So, are you just gonna leave us in here?"
"Oh, sorry. Where are my manners, eh? Montgomery Scott, at your service. Lieutenant junior grade."
"Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise. This is Lieutenant Noonien-Singh, Dr. M'Benga, Lieutenant Ortegas, and Lieutenant Kirk."
"That's a lot of lieutenants."
"There'll be a quiz."

- Ortegas, after Scott traps her, Pike, and the Enterprise landing party behind a force field

"Hello, Scotty."
"You two know each other?"
"One of my best students… who sadly received some of my worst grades."

- Pelia, Scott, and Pike

"Priority message from Starfleet. Admiral April is ordering our immediate withdrawal! Sir, do I respond?"
"But the Gorn still have our people!"
"Captain? Captain? Orders, Captain?"

- Uhura and Mitchell as the Enterprise comes under attack from four Gorn vessels, while Chin-Riley asks Pike for further orders (last lines)

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  • The title was revealed via press release on 22 July 2023.


  • 9 August 2023: Premieres at Kaufmann Concert Hall at 7 pm ET in support of 92nd Street Y in New York. [1]
  • 10 August 2023: Streaming premiere on Paramount+.
  • Scenes set on Parnassus Beta were filmed on a backlot in Pickering, Ontario, that was originally built for the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher.

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Gorn Hegemony emblem

Gorn Hegemony emblem


  • While appearing on The 7th Rule podcast to discuss "Hegemony", producer Chris Fisher expressed his desire that the show film more episodes a season. "I think the show has just started. We haven't even... This could be a 10-year show. Everyone who works on it loves making it... Because of COVID, because of the strike, it's taken 4 years to make 20 episodes. So hopefully, Paramount+ is smart and says, "Hey, let's go make 20 a year. Let's start making this show. This is gold."" [2]

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amplitude; argon; background radiation; calibration; carbon dioxide; carbon-based lifeform; coordinates; counter frequency; data scan; encryption; frequency; gamma imaging; Gorn protocols; gravimetric perturbation; gravitational slingshot; Hunter-class; interference field; interferometry; mass; message; methane; microwave enhancement; nitrogen; nitrous oxide; Oberth effect; oxygen; Parnassus moon; Parnassus system; perimeter alert; phaser harmonics; re-calibration; reflected pattern return; revolution period; rotation period; scanning system; sensor; sensor range; signal; subspace distortion; surface temperature; system operations; water vapor; wavelength

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