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Seattle-born actor Henri Lubatti played the unfortunate Crewman Ethan Novakovich in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Strange New World". In addition, he voiced the character of Kolanis Mikala in the video game Star Trek: Away Team.

A graduate of the University of Washington Drama School, Lubatti made his feature film debut in the 1997 sports drama Prefontaine, which was filmed in Washington and co-starred Kurtwood Smith. He made his earliest television appearances while working in Vancouver, Canada in 1998. In that year, appeared in an episode of The X-Files entitled "Mind's Eye". This was followed by a guest spot on the series Millennium, starring Terry O'Quinn, and Seven Days, directed by David Livingston. He moved to Los Angeles in 1999, where he acquired a recurring role on J.J. Abrams's Felicity.

Subsequent TV credits include guest appearances on Angel, Whoopi Goldberg's Strong Medicine, ER (in an episode with Sam Witwer), The Practice, and, of course, Enterprise. In 2002 he had a recurring role as Jovan Myovic on the first season of the hit series 24, during which time he worked alongside fellow Star Trek alumni Mina Badie, Jude Ciccolella, Zach Grenier, Penny Johnson, Glenn Morshower and Wade Williams. He went on to appear on such shows as the new Dragnet (in an episode with Erick Avari and Richard Cox), CSI (with Robert Curtis-Brown), Medical Investigation (starring Neal McDonough), Bryan Singer's House, M.D., and two episodes of The O.C. (including one with Michael Nouri). He also had a role in the 2000 Murder, She Wrote TV movie A Story to Die For, as did Steven Culp, Daniel Dae Kim, J. Patrick McCormack and Duncan Regehr.

Lubatti also has a recurring role on the soap opera General Hospital and is currently a regular on the Showtime series Sleeper Cell, which debuted in 2005. His most recent film credit is 2005's My Big Fat Independent Movie, which also features Clint Howard.

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