Henry Burleigh, Viscount Timmons, was the son of Lord Burleigh and brother of Lady Beatrice Burleigh, characters in Kathryn Janeway's Gothic holonovel entitled Janeway Lambda one. Viscount Timmons was Lord Burleigh's second title, which his eldest son was permitted to use as a courtesy.

When Lucille Davenport played by Janeway became his governess, he was cold to her. Henry told her that she should not call him Henry but rather "my Lord" and that his sister should be addressed as "my Lady". He spoke Latin to her and mocked her when she did not understand it immediately, although Lucille was able to instruct him in math and the sciences. He was very protective of his sister.

Henry disapproved of his father's relationship with Lucille. He became very upset when his father expressed his love for Janeway. (VOY: "Cathexis", "Learning Curve", "Persistence of Vision")

Henry was played by actor Thomas Dekker.

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