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Here There Be Monsters is a Pocket SCE eBook novella – #10 in the series, and an epilogue to the Gateways series – written by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in November 2001. The novella was later collected in the SCE omnibus Some Assembly Required.


From the book jacket
After the events of What Lay Beyond, the Gateways crisis has finally come to a close and Starfleet can rest easy, knowing that another threat to the galaxy has been stopped.
Except for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers who, as usual, are left to clean up the mess.
While on a mission to Tellar, the USS da Vinci gets a distress call from the planet Maeglin. Still reeling from a previous attack, the natives of Maeglin find themselves under siege by a horde of alien creatures that came through one of the Iconian Gateways and are now hell-bent on destroying the planet!
Commander Sonya Gomez and her team of S.C.E. engineers must find a way to stop the rampaging monsters before it's too late!

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