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Heritage Models, Inc. was an American gaming company formed in Dallas, Texas in 1977 in a merger between Heritage and Custom Cast, two independent game miniature producers.

As one of the largest wargames model manufacturers in the US in the 1970s, it produced many historical and fantasy lines of models and became one of the first companies to cast figures based on licensed properties.

In the late 1970s, the company manufactured figure ranges based on Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian, J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (inspired by the 1978 Ralph Bakshi film adaptation), and Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter, Warlord of Mars.

Known finally as Heritage USA, the last incarnation of the company folded in 1983.

Star Trek releases

Blister Pack
Blister Pack
Starfleet Officer
Starfleet Officer

In 1978, Heritage Models released its Star Trek figure line and a complimentary set of game rules, Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier.

The figure line included characters from the Original Series and the then-recent Animated Series. 31 blister packs were planned and at least 22 were produced.

Each pack contained four to six Human-scaled figures. Most of the figures were 25 mm tall, meaning Humans stood about one inch tall. The quality of the sculpting was not exceptional, even by the modest standards of the time. Two larger display figures were also produced.

No starship miniatures were produced by Heritage Models. Plastic starship minis were made by GameScience and pewter ones were subsequently made by RAFM and others.

Stock # Description
1600 Capt. Kirk (75 mm display figure)
1601 Spock (75 mm display figure)
1604 Kirk, Rand, Scotty, Sulu
1605 Spock, McCoy, Uhuru, nameplate
1606 Chekov, Chapel, Arex, M'Ress
1607 Balok, Flint, Asmodeus, Lucien*
1608 Mudd, Jones, Tribbles, Glommer, Theela*
1609 Elysian Council*
1610 EM3 Green, Sord, Prince Tchar , Lara*
1611 Sarek, T'Pau, Ayelborne, Khan The Klingon*
1612 Federation Crew
1613 Romulan Crew
1614 Klingon Crew
1615 Gorn Soldiers
1616 Aquans Of Argo
1617 Dramians, Giant Androids*
1618 Phylosians
1619 Andorians
1620 Skorr
1621 Talosians
1622 Kzin
1623 Mugato, Capellan Powercat, Vedalan
1624 Capellans*
1625 Orion Colonists*
1626 Orion Pirates
1627 Vians*
1628 Tellarites
1629 Horta, Rock Creature
1630 Federation Special Defense Force
1631 Klingon Stormtroopers
1632 Romulan Assault Unit
* Indicates possibly unreleased set

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