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Picard and his crew fight for their lives as they come under attack from a new incarnation of an old enemy. But to survive, Picard must first face the ghosts of his past. Seven and Raffi have a final showdown with Jurati.



As a thunderstorm begins to roll over the French countryside, Rios continues to work feverishly to purge the Borg lockout of the computers on the CSS La Sirena, while Teresa and Ricardo watch. But it is too late: the Borg are activating the transporter remotely, and Rios is unable to stop it whatsoever. Looking out at the fields around the ruins of Château Picard, he sees the distinctive green glow of Borg transporters. Rios urgently tells his friends they have to immediately get off the ship, and ushers them quickly off the bridge. He apologizes for Teresa for bringing her and her son into the situation, and tells her he needs to get her to safety. He moves to secure weapons to protect them, but as he does, a team of assimilated Spearhead Operations mercenaries beams aboard, followed shortly after by the Queen-dominated Jurati. The Jurati-Queen sheds the tattered red dress and opens the morgue vault containing the corpse of the original Queen. "Well, we've looked better," she muses, as she assumes the Queen's bodysuit, remarking how she was starting to feel more like herself again.

Tallinn's transporter deposits her, Picard, Seven, and Musiker in the courtyard of the ruined house. Picard is emphatic that they have to defend the ship from the Queen. When Musiker asks with what, Tallinn hands Seven a Romulan disruptor pistol, while she hefts her own rifle (leaving Musiker unarmed and somewhat put out), remarking she was lucky they had enough time for her to get that much. Musiker asks how much time they had; Rios, Teresa and Ricardo in tow, tells them they have no more time. The Jurati-Queen is onboard, and she has more coming, "lots more". In the vineyard ahead of them, multiple assimilated mercenaries beam in, their Borg-altered targeting lasers shining out towards their targets.

Act One[]

The crew takes cover behind the barrels in the courtyard; Picard realizes the Jurati-Queen is trying to pin them down while she seizes La Sirena. On board the ship, she is about to do just that, when her hand suddenly halts over the console. The mind of Agnes Jurati continues to fight the Queen for control of her own body, telling the Queen she will not allow her to take the ship. The Queen nonchalantly notes her presence, having still felt her "chattering away" in her subconscious. Jurati angrily asks how it felt to have her hands around her friend Musiker's throat and not be able to do anything about it; the Queen replies that it was probably like being limbless and powerless. Jurati had been poking around in the Queen's "trash dump of a mind", wondering why she was doing this. The Borg had assimilated millions of species and countless planets, and still the Queen has always needed more. The Queen answers that perfection took time, but Jurati retorts that it was never about perfection or evolution "or any of that bullshit", but rather because like her, the Queen was lonely. "To share your own crude colloquialism, bullshit," the Queen replies, to which Jurati asks why the Queen hasn't killed her yet. She continues to prevent the Queen from using the ship's console, reminding her that if she lets Soong win, the Confederation of Earth will rise and wipe out the Borg Collective in four centuries. The Queen counters that she knew of the Confederation's threat now, and would be able to prepare for it. As the Queen finally accesses the console, the ship's computer reports that a keycode was required. Jurati had used the signal with which the Queen controlled her assimilated mercenaries to lock the ship's computer with a fractal encryption code. "Welcome to the world's biggest paperweight," she says smugly. The Queen threatens to scrape the key out of her mind, but Jurati replies that she didn't bother to memorize the code. As the ship's computer could create holograms of anyone who had ever been onboard, Jurati also used that opportunity to create an Emergency Combat Hologram, which takes the form of Elnor; Jurati has hidden the code in his subroutines. She tells him to "play keep-away", and the hologram goes to work, killing two of the assimilated mercenaries with their own weapons. The Jurati-Queen looks after him, a cold rage in her expression.

Outside, Musiker can see the Jurati-Queen brought an army; Seven corrects her by saying that she had made one, and tells the other that the mercenaries were not people anymore, but Borg. She and Tallinn, the only armed members of the crew, open fire on the Borg mercenaries, as one throws a flashbang grenade. Tallinn warns the others to cover their eyes. As Picard puts his hands to his eyes to block the flash, his mind goes back to his childhood, as he asks his mother Yvette if they could play a game. While Yvette asks what kind, his father Maurice says to play whatever they wanted, just so long as they didn't break anything. Yvette not-quite-jokingly calls him a curmudgeon, remarking on the beauty of the day. Maurice replies that wars have started on "lovely days", and that industry and discovery didn't reserve themselves for a slight chance of rain, or so he'd been told. Jean-Luc also calls him a curmudgeon, leading Maurice to sardonically remark on how Yvette teaches him to make fun of his father. Quietly, Maurice notes that Jean-Luc is very smart, but also bored, with too much time on his hands. He then asks how Yvette is doing, remarking on how she seemed more "present", and hadn't had any "incidents" recently. Perhaps, he muses, things are improving for the better. Yvette is stone-faced throughout before Jean-Luc asks what game they should play. Yvette suggests a game of hide and seek.

Jean-Luc Picard plays hide and seek

A young Jean-Luc starts counting

Picard's mind returns to the present, as Seven and Tallinn exchange fire with the Borg mercenaries. Rios covers Teresa and Ricardo with his body, taking a bullet to the shoulder as they take cover inside the house. Picard asks Tallinn to beam Rios, Teresa, and Ricardo away to safety, while the rest of them stayed to protect La Sirena, aware of the unimaginable damage the Borg could inflict with the ship's advanced technology. Rios says he will make sure the others are safe, but will return. As Picard urges her to get them out, Tallinn pulls out her servo and teleports them to her apartment. Rios tells Teresa to lay Ricardo down and put a blanket over him; having seen his first taste of combat, the boy is in shock. Rios plans to return, saying that he couldn't afford not to. But when he tries to use Tallinn's computer, he finds he is locked out, and curses Picard. He is unable to go back to help the others.

Back at the house, Picard tells the others that Rios was wounded, and would only get himself killed trying to help them. Musiker sees they can't push forward against the superior numbers, so Seven proposes they simply go around. She asks Tallinn to give them suppressing fire as they split up, figuring they stood a better chance to take the ship if they flanked the attackers. Picard tells her to do it. Tallinn lays down fire as Seven and Musiker move out, but then mysteriously the Borg cease their fire, their targeting lasers going out. A moment later, they hear Soong's voice calling out to Picard. Tallinn aims at him, but Soong warns that if she fires, they will receive far worse in kind. Alternatively, they can hear his offer. He insists he was not a violent man by nature, and this was all new to him. Picard is not convinced, thinking perhaps the promise of a legacy revealed the rot underneath it. Soong insists he knows a future worth fighting for, and Picard counters that he knows of one too. The doctor points out they were outnumbered, and has heard that Picard is familiar with his new "friends". Picard can see what Soong wants: The Queen takes the ship and destroys the Europa Mission, all so Soong can have his future. If this is the case, he asks, then why the parley? Soong replies that Picard is a rogue variable in his "experiment", and urges Picard to do them both a favor and surrender. He takes a faster path to the future, and Picard and his crew can still have a future. When Picard asks what happens if they refuse, Soong coldly answers that they would take a "far muddier path", and that Picard would die running. Picard recalls the game with his mother and smiles. "Hide and seek, indeed," he says to himself, before telling Soong that he would have to find them first. Soong orders the mercenaries to fire, as Picard and Tallinn retreat into the house.

Meanwhile, Seven takes point as she and Musiker make their way through the house. One of the mercenaries aims through a hole in the wall, as Seven and Musiker flatten themselves against the solid wall on either side, avoiding his notice. They again stay out of sight as another shines his targeting laser through the broken windows. But as they move past, the mercenary smashes through. Seven and Musiker engage the mercenary in hand-to-hand, as he pulls a knife and slashes Seven in the shoulder. Both manage to disarm him, and combine their strength to run the blade through his neck, killing him. Several more targeting lasers seek them out, as they continue on their way.

Picard guesses Soong has the house surrounded, and so suggests retreating into the tunnels beneath the house, while struggling to recall where the entrance was. Tallinn turns quickly and shoots down one of the mercenaries on the second floor, telling Picard to think faster or the memory would escape through the hole in his head. Thinking back, he recalls finding his mother in the house. Yvette's face darkens somewhat as she suggests finding somewhere less bright, somewhere her son's cleverness had fewer senses to draw from. She opens a secret compartment in a bookcase to the tunnels. Jean-Luc protests that his father has forbidden his going down there, but Yvette insists that they would go together, where she wouldn't be sad. Though the tunnels are dangerous, she calls her son her "light", the light that always drew her out, and tells him to guide his own way. Back in the present, the elder Picard finds the bookcase entrance, as Soong begins calling out for him. He opens the bookcase and ushers Tallinn inside before he follows, the door closing behind them.

Act Two[]

The young Jean-Luc seeks his mother out in the tunnels, saying that the game was no longer fun to him anymore. In the present, as she gets her bearings, Tallinn realizes she has seen the tunnels before, while inside Picard's mind. When she asked what happened, he mentions how the French Resistance had hidden munitions in the tunnels when the Nazis invaded during World War II, but that was not what Tallinn meant; she remembers it being especially dark in his memories, and asks him again what happened. Picard recalls going down to play hide and seek, but he had lost his mother… or rather, she had lost herself. Tallinn calls it a "very dangerous playground", and Picard agrees, remembering how his father had mentioned there were a thousand ways to die down in the tunnels. A flashback shows Maurice going down into the tunnels, urgently calling first for his wife, and then repeatedly for his son. Picard recalls that the tunnels led to a hatch on the other side of the vineyard, and from there they could reach the ship.

Musiker binds up Seven's wound as they hear movement nearby, Soong's mercenaries seeking them out. Seven takes on an air of command as she tells Musiker to arm up, and Musiker notices, suggesting Seven should have joined Starfleet. Seven had indeed tried after the USS Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant, but had been rejected by Starfleet because she was a former Borg. Admiral Janeway had supported her and even threatened to resign if Seven was not accepted, but Seven eventually gave up and joined the Fenris Rangers instead. She sizes up the situation: a dozen or so Borg between them and the ship, a fifty-yard dash across open terrain, and all they had were a knife, a corkscrew, and an ice pick. Musiker thinks Seven would have been a great captain, and begins to talk about when they got out of their predicament. However, Seven is sure they would not get out of it, and Musiker reluctantly agrees, before they break off running, slashing at any mercenary to come close enough to them.

Aboard La Sirena, the holographic Elnor searches the weapons locker while the Jurati-Queen and her drones hunt for him. He first looks through the phasers, setting them aside as not feeling quite right… but looks considerably brighter when he comes across the real Elnor's tan qalanq.

At Tallinn's apartment, Rios is attempting to override Tallinn's computer, while asking about Ricardo. Teresa replies he is fast asleep, half terrified and half thinking it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. He is trying to rewire the subroutines to regain command access, but Teresa thinks he will get himself killed because he is unable to use his wounded arm, and urges him to sit down. She asks what would help extract a bullet, and he points to a tricorder on the table as he removes his jacket. Teresa marvels at the idea of an entire ER that could simply fit inside one's pocket, and being "surrounded by miracles", even knowing that win or lose, she would have to let them go. She then tells him to show her his arm, and he winces as he lifts his shirt sleeve to show the bullet hole, while the tricorder detects the bullet in his shoulder.

Adam Soong at Château Picard

"So where are you, Picard?"

Back at Château Picard, Soong and his men search the halls, seeking out Picard, and find the bookcase. He sees the fleur-de-lis on the left side still turned; the opening mechanism had not locked behind Picard when he escaped into the tunnels. Soong chuckles as he pushes the bookcase aside, and tells his men to search for other entrances. Down below, Picard's memories go back to the hide and seek game with his mother, finding her sitting alone, looking somewhat dejected. She dully tells her son that he won the game, and he urges her to go back upstairs, and later that evening she could show him more constellations. Yvette remarks on how space was so vast, it took billions of years for the light of the stars to be seen from Earth. She considers the "exquisite light" they see as nothing more than an echo of a star that has long since faded, and feels that way about herself. She asks her son to promise her to ignore the "coldness of a dying star" – herself – and remember instead her light, and the infinite love she had for him. Before he can answer, they hear Maurice's voice, seeking them out.

Picard's mind goes back to the present, remembering he had only seen that room once, and then as a child. Tallinn asks if it was how he remembered it; he recalls getting his foot stuck in the rotting wood, and Maurice finding him, before he answers with a noncommittal "more or less". When asked what became of his mother, he recalls finding her, and Maurice locking her away. Eventually, he opened the door. However, his reverie is interrupted by sounds from up the tunnel; Soong and his men had found them. He urges Tallinn through a door, but she finds it locked. Picard searches the old German munitions boxes, and finds an old Luger pistol. He fires first at Soong and his mercenaries, forcing them to take cover, and then at the lock on the door. As he aims back at the mercenaries, the gun clicks, out of ammunition. He drops it and follows Tallinn through the door.

Act Three[]

Aboard La Sirena, the holographic Elnor is more than holding his own, using his tan qalanq to dispatch a number of the Borg mercenaries. The Jurati-Queen gloats that she had warned him he couldn't hide forever. "Who said I was hiding?" he replies. He makes his way down into the hold and shuts the door, before recognizing Musiker coming through the door, Seven right behind her. He clarifies that he is "not exactly" Elnor, as Musiker sees the mobile emitter slapped on his arm. Elnor mentions that Jurati had encoded the encryption key to the ship's systems in his program, assuring them that Jurati was indeed still fighting the Queen for control. Seven asks him to give her access, but Musiker points out that unlocking the computer would give the Queen exactly what she wanted. Seven counters that they would need computer control to secure the ship, and urges them to trust her; she indeed has a plan, which will involve clearing a way to the transporter. Elnor unlocks the computer systems. Though she knows it was not actually Elnor, Musiker admits her guilty feelings about keeping the real Elnor, not because she was afraid for him, but because she feared being alone. The hologram assures her that he has memories of the real Elnor's final breaths, and knows enough to know that his last feelings would not have been of blame, but of love.

In the tunnels, Picard attempts to gain his bearings, as they come to a T-junction. The left way went deeper into the house, while the right went to the fields. However, as they go to the right, a targeting laser shines right at them. Aboard the ship, Seven accesses the transporter, and manages to beam the mercenaries onboard the ship right into the walls of the tunnels. Picard sees them materialize embedded in the stone, and remarks that they seem to have gained the advantage at last. He leads Tallinn forward, to an exit leading out into the solarium. Back on the ship, Elnor tells Seven her plan worked, and only one Borg was still onboard: the Jurati-Queen, looking very angry, and armed with one of the tools from the hold. Seven attempts to beam her into the brig, but the Queen has a transport inhibitor active. She charges at them, but Elnor blocks her with his blade, disarms her, and throws her to the deck. Musiker grabs phasers for herself and Seven, and they hold the Jurati-Queen at gunpoint. The Jurati-Queen comments that three on one hardly seemed fair. Seven appeals to what remained of Jurati inside the Queen, knowing she could fight; Musiker adds that they had her dead to rights. "Do you?" the Jurati-Queen replies, as tentacles lash out, disabling Elnor's mobile emitter, disarming Musiker, and impaling Seven through the stomach. Musiker goes to the grievously injured Seven's side as the Jurati-Queen rises to her feet, telling the computer to give her primary control of the vessel.

Act Four[]

The Jurati-Queen orders the ship's computer to set a course for the Delta Quadrant, intending to take advantage of the four hundred additional years to expand the Collective. Musiker tells her that Seven will die if she can't immediately stop the bleeding. The Jurati-Queen replies only that she has assimilated millions of languages, and they all had common concepts, such as love, hope, and fear… and (lashing out as Musiker attempts to go for her phaser) futility. "Species thrive without love," she goes on, as she picks up Seven's knife. "Kingdoms conquer without fear. But it is the imperfect nature of all organic things to fight an unwinnable battle against an undefeatable foe: death."

As the sun rises over the countryside, Picard and Tallinn finally reach the solarium, and from there they can get to the ship. Just then, the doors open behind them, heralding Soong and his men. Soong remarks he is no stranger to "lost lab rats", and that to catch one, one did not follow it through the maze, but rather force it to the surface.

The Jurati-Queen raises the knife to finish off Seven, but again finds her hand stopping before the point of impact, and tears running down her face. She wonders why she is crying, but Jurati – reasserting herself again – tells her that they were not the Queen's tears, but her own. She points out that the chemical reactions the Queen used to take over her body weren't just produced by adrenaline and a "torch song"; sadness, loss, and despair, the feelings Jurati felt when the Queen tried to harm her friends, allowed her to take back some control of her body, something the Queen thinks is impossible. She again tries to bring down the knife, straining against Jurati's will. Jurati shows her images of Borg cubes exploding, saying that this was how Borg history would end, whether it was a "lone Borgslayer" or a united Federation, someone would always come for the Borg, and for the Queen's "top shelf, overreaching, Icarus-worthy arrogance". The Queen is dismissive about Jurati's "weapon of choice", thinking she could not be sad forever, but Jurati goes on, saying that in this or any other universe, the Borg will always lose. That was why the Queen fought as hard as she did: she felt the death knell of her species across infinite timelines, fearing loss just as regular Humans did. The Queen always sought connection, longevity, discovery… only she offered it without a choice. Jurati makes a proposal: What if they made it a choice? There were many lives that needed saving, including the one lying at the Queen's feet. The Queen dismisses the idea of harvesting from the "flotsam of space" and being left with nothing but scraps, but Jurati counters that it was a way to offer second chances. What if they took the ship, she argues, and built a better Borg – a real Collective, that embraced the uniqueness of its members? The Queen is appalled at the idea of embracing what she considers weakness, but Jurati believes what she dismisses as weakness is actually strength. The Queen calls the idea absurd, but admits it was "not entirely un-intriguing". Jurati urges her to imagine members who would fight harder for what they chose, who would lose no battles because they made no enemies, who would not be discarded and replaced. Attachments could grow and deepen, like with Seven; she used her Borg half to serve the best of her Humanity. "Let's build a universe of Sevens," she concludes, starting with the real one.

At the same time, Picard tries to reason with Soong, warning him that he did not know the horrific future he was about to create. Soong had been told they were thriving and prosperous, and beloved across the galaxy, but Picard corrects him by saying they were feared. Soong argues that they had to create their own destiny, whether they were captains of ships or captains of industry. To men like him and Picard, he believes, love and fear were the same thing, nothing more than a means to an end. He laments that in another future, he and Picard might have been friends, and bids him goodbye before ordering one of his mercenaries to kill Picard.

In Tallinn's apartment, Rios thinks he has succeeded in breaking through Tallinn's computer, which has begun rebooting. Teresa pleads with him to stay, but Rios tells her he does not belong there. She urges him to reconsider that, thinking the future seemed to have enough heroes already. He admits he had thought about staying in the past, but it was not his timeline; the future was for her and Ricardo to decide. She continues to plead with him, wondering if his future really was there, with them. As the computer counts down until it reboots, Rios kisses her deeply, but whatever he is about to say next is cut off as the transporter takes him – directly into the solarium in front of Picard. He vaporizes the mercenary about to shoot Picard, and a key falls to the floor. The other mercenary draws his knife and grapples with Rios, but is disarmed; Soong picks up the phaser and points it at them, thinking he does not need to be from the future to fire it. Rios concedes he doesn't, but he does require the right DNA, and if he held it too long, it would explode. Soong quickly throws the phaser up into the air and flees. When the flash of the explosion clears, Soong has vanished.

The Jurati-Queen leans down and releases nanoprobes, repairing the damage to Seven's body. She tells Musiker that Seven will live, but at a cost… and as Seven regains consciousness, she sees and feels her implants again. Musiker asks if it was actually Jurati, and she replies that she is and is not at the same time, becoming something new.

Rios rushes back to the ship, and Picard stoops to pick up the key. He recalls opening the door to let his mother out of the locked room, and confesses to having the "strangest memory". Tallinn urges him to follow it. He thinks on how there were some moments in one's life that one wishes they could travel back to, memories that they wish to play in reverse, so that a tragic end might become a moment of joy. He recalled discovering that Yvette had hanged herself in that very solarium, and for his entire life, he kept himself from remembering it, a moment he was powerless to reverse. He had been told she suffered from mental illness, but he had only thought she was "inspired". That night, Maurice had locked Yvette in her room for her own safety, and perhaps for Jean-Luc's as well. But she had pleaded with her son to let her out, telling her how much she needed him, and needed his help. He had thought he was saving her, so when his father fell asleep, he let her out. If he had not opened that door, she would have lived to old age; he imagined her as an old woman offering him tea and asking for a chat. The key was a skeleton key, which migrated all over the house; that day, Picard laments, he wished it had not ended up in his hand. He had loved his mother "desperately", he admits. Tallinn points out that love can be a source of both grief and pain, and could also be a curse… but always and completely, it was a gift. As Tallinn embraces him, Picard's memory goes back to his boyhood, entering the solarium after his mother's suicide, and throwing a rock through the windows.

Aboard La Sirena, Seven is shaken by the return of her Borg implants, thinking on how she had been "Seven" longer than she had been Annika Hansen, and how it was nice to be "ordinary". Musiker thinks it impossible, as whether Borg or Human, Seven was the most extraordinary person she knew. All her life, Seven had been running from her implants, and Musiker wonders how much more she could be if she just stopped running. The Jurati-Queen, now completely balanced between her two selves, tells them it was time to go. Musiker protests at allowing her to proceed, but Seven knows that whoever this new Queen was, half of her was their friend, and perhaps in time all of her could be. The Jurati-Queen agrees that in time they could be, but for now a deal must be honored; a ship for a life was a fair exchange. She also tells them to tell Picard that the future will not have any need for a "Borgslayer"… at least, not from "them". She adds a final warning to tell them that the mission must not be postponed. To succeed, there must be two Renées: One who lived, and one who died. As Seven and Musiker digest this information, the Jurati-Queen beams them off the ship.

As the crew watches, La Sirena lifts off from the dust and into orbit. Rios laments that they took his ship, but Seven corrects him that it was her ship. Musiker explains that the Jurati-Queen took the ship in exchange for Seven's life. Picard worriedly looks at Seven's Borg implants, and asks if she is alright; Seven replies simply that she was herself again. While lamenting the loss of a friend, Picard sees they have regained themselves again, and now needed all of "themselves" to complete their mission. Soong has escaped, but Rios does not think that will last long, as the man did not strike the captain as being a "quitter". Picard and Tallinn agree, thinking the doctor will have other ways to disrupt the mission. Seven gives Picard Jurati's warning about the two Renées, but Picard refuses to accept an outcome that has not yet occurred, and tells the crew they had work to do. As they walk away, Rios takes one last look up at La Sirena before the ship jumps to warp.

Memorable quotes[]

"I'm not… well, I wasn't a violent man, Picard. This is all very new to me."

- Adam Soong, confronting Picard at Château Picard

"The enemy of every experiment is the rogue variable – the unknown. That is what you are to me. So, do us both a favor. Stand down. Surrender. I take the path of least resistance to the future and you and your friends can still have one!"

- Adam Soong, to Picard

"You know, you should have joined Starfleet."
"I tried. After Voyager. Starfleet shut me down because…"
"You were Borg?"
"Janeway went to bat for me, threatened to resign. But, I gave it up. Went full Ranger."

- Musiker and Seven

"Did you know that space is so vast, so infinite, it takes billions of years for that tiny pinprick of light to make that lonely journey from its star to our eyes? The brilliance you see in the night sky, Jean-Luc, that exquisite light, it's just an echo, really, of a star that has long since faded. Like me."

- Yvette Picard

"There are moments in time we wish we could travel back to. Memories, pieces of life better lived in reverse. In those moments, tragic endings might rewind into joyful beginnings."

- Picard

"I remember now. In a cloudy moment of extreme melancholy, my mother hung herself here in this place. And for all I've lived, all I've seen and done, I suppose this is the moment I've kept myself from remembering."

- Picard, recalling his mother Yvette's suicide

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