High Teer, or simply Teer, was the title of the ruler of the Ten Tribes of Capella IV.

During James T. Kirk's brief visit to the planet in 2267, the title was held by three people. Akaar held it when Kirk arrived, but a coup supported by the Klingon factor Kras left Maab as teer within a few hours of Kirk's arrival. Akaar's wife Eleen was very close to giving birth to Akaar's heir; Capellan law permitted the new teer to slay her in order to prevent the birth. Maab was about to do this, but Kirk interfered and, when he escaped the encampment, took Eleen with him.

Ensuing events led to a three-way confrontation between the Capellans, the USS Enterprise landing party, and Kras; these events left Maab dead. Akaar's heir had by then been born, and the title reverted to him, with Eleen as his regent. (TOS: "Friday's Child")

In the episode, "teer" is pronounced by the Capellans as both "tē'-îr" (with a stop between the vowels) and "tēr". At one point, McCoy pronounces the word as "tē-ār'". According to the episode's closed-captioning, this title was spelled as "tier." Because of the unclear pronunciation and because "teer" is the German word for "tar", the name of the title was changed into "Tiru" in the German version of this episode.
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