"Hints for Healthful Living" was a segment proposed by Neelix for The Doctor to have in USS Voyager's daily news program, A Briefing with Neelix.

Initially disregarding Neelix's request, The Doctor reconsidered after coming up with a few topics of interest. His first topic was going to be called: "How to keep your nostrils happy", followed by "Uncovering the hidden mysteries of the adrenal gland."

Despite Neelix's initial interest in having The Doctor contribute to the program, he continuously canceled The Doctor's appearances. Following the first postponement, The Doctor wished to give two segments. After the second postponement, The Doctor decided to forgo the story on the adrenal gland and focus on his latest idea: "The Klingon Glottis: Friend or Foe?"

The Doctor's segment was canceled a third time before he was finally promised an opportunity to present his topic on the Bolian digestive system. (VOY: "Investigations")

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