The Hirogen training facility was a space station built by the Hirogen incorporating holographic technology from the Federation starship, USS Voyager.

In 2374, Captain Kathryn Janeway provided Alpha Hirogen Karr with the means to create hunts as they see fit using Federation holographic technology in exchange for her ship, which Karr and his group had successfully captured.

By 2377, the Hirogen had constructed a training facility in the Delta Quadrant which utilized the holo-technology to create various species of holographic prey the Hirogen could hunt again and again. However, the Hirogen soon grew tired of using the built-in holographic safety protocols and so deactivated them. This resulted in the holographic enemies being able to overpower the Hirogen hunters on the station and steal one of their ships. The situation was eventually contained by Captain Janeway and the crew of Voyager. (VOY: "The Killing Game", "Flesh and Blood")


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