The holographic research lab of the USS Voyager

A holographic research lab was a science laboratory equipped with holoemitters that allowed holographic testing of scientific hypotheses, ship designs, and other investigations. It appeared the same as a holodeck, with the exception of a control console in the center of the room. USS Voyager was equipped with such a facility.

In 2373, the crew of the USS Voyager used the holographic research lab to extrapolate the evolution of the Hadrosaur if the species had not become extinct. (VOY: "Distant Origin")

In 2376, Captain Janeway used the lab to make changes to the Michael Sullivan character in the Fair Haven program. (VOY: "Fair Haven")

In 2377, B'Elanna Torres used the lab to extrapolate the appearance of her unborn child from certain changes made to the child's genome. (VOY: "Lineage")

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