Braxton, 1996

A homeless man.

Homelessness was the condition of not having a home to live in.

After being stranded in the 20th century, by 1996 captain Braxton was living homeless on the streets of Los Angeles, his only belongings being the contents of a single pushcart. (VOY: "Future's End", "Future's End, Part II ")

Sanctuary Districts were used to house homeless people. (DS9: "Past Tense, Part I", "Past Tense, Part II")

In 2365, Q came to the USS Enterprise-D asking for a job, claiming to be a homeless entity due to having been kicked out of the Q Continuum. (TNG: "Q Who")

In 2374 severe earthquakes devastated Kendra Province on Bajor, leaving hundreds homeless. Kai Winn linked the event to the Reckoning. (DS9: "The Reckoning")

In 2373, Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko ordered the USS Defiant to fire two quantum torpedoes with a trilithium resin payload into the atmosphere of Solosos III, despite warnings by Michael Eddington that those actions would leave hundreds of thousands of people homeless refugees. (DS9: "For the Uniform")

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