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Hoyt Horatio Yeatman Jr. (born 23 January 1955; age 65) is a visual effects artist and supervisor who worked as Photographic Effects Cameraman for Future General Corporation on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

As well as his work on Star Trek, Yeatman has worked in production in many films and television series, such as Close Encounters Of the Third Kind (1977, with Dave Stewart), V (1983 for David Stipes Productions, with Gregory Jein, Scott Squires, and Eugene P. Rizzardi), Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983, with Gregory Jein, Kevin Kutchaver, and Eric Guaglione), Alien Nation (1989, with R. Christopher Biggs), Grand Canyon (1991, with Arthur J. Codron).

He made his directorial debut with G-Force (2009, with Brian J. Pohl and Steve Rosolio).

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