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Launched on 29 October 2007, Hulu is an American online streaming service that offers a selection of TV shows, movies, and other media. Subscribers can access episodes in HD (when available) from a number of US networks including NBC, Fox, and ABC.

All of The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise are currently available via Hulu. The Original Series and the first two seasons of The Next Generation are available in remastered high definition.

At one point, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime all wanted to stream Star Trek: Discovery. [1]

Having already acquired a major stake as early as 2009, [2] The Disney Company became the majority owner of Hulu in 2018 when it acquired one of the other owners, 21st Century Fox, in full. [3] Gearing up to launch a major streaming service, called Disney+, of their own in November 2019, Disney has announced that Hulu will continue to exist as a separate brand for the time being, albeit bundled with, and subordinated under, the new overall streaming service. [4] Industry analysts expect the launch of Disney+ to precipitate a, what they call, "Streaming War" between the services with repercussions entailed for the already established services, particularly Netflix, which is expected to loose a considerable part of its library to Disney+. [5]

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